Time for tea


I think it's something about winter that really get's me back into drinking tea in a big way. I love that there is so much variation and wonderful choices of beautiful tea's...and most with health benefits to boost. I just had to pick up some Chai Latte as a treat when I saw it in it's cute little round tin. When you think of Britain you think of tea, but in a sort of boring way...simple earl greys and breakfast tea's but when Kate Moss and all the other fashion posse starting raving about the stuff loads of little specialist tea shops popped up, which I am not complaining about as I love to find fresh loose leaf, so I hope the trend stays. I thought I would share my love for tea with the rest of you....here are my favourites from my kitchen...

I love Chai so when I saw this....saying "drink me" I had to get it

I love a cup of Mint tea with lemon before bed...good for the digestion

This tea smells to good and it's specially for women...to help balance and destress

I often drink this tea when I think a cold is coming on, as it has cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamon and black pepper and is wonderfully spicy

I heart Rooibos...it's a South African tea and that's where I am from so I grew up on this stuff...full of antioxidants and caffeine free and tastes oh soo good :)

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