Retrospective Sunday


Life is full of twist and turns, just when you think you have it worked out it throws you a curve ball. So I guess that's where the saying "just roll with it" must come from, but thats what makes life interesting. I love looking through old photographs, they make me laugh, cry and sometimes wish I was 16 again. So when I saw the trailer for Like Crazy with the beautiful Felicity Jones playing the lead female. What I also love about this film is that it's all shot on a Canon 7D - which in itself is quite an amazing feat.
I think that every young person needs to go through something like this to grow and learn the value of love and life. I have experience a similar situation and as hard as love can be it's a beautiful thing that makes you grow. I also believe that there is always that one love that leaves you changed forever, no matter if you move on or your life takes you in a different direction. Perhaps I am just a romantic but be free to be swept away at least once in your life even if it doesn't end how you will only open another door to another adventure.

When I am in a retrospective mood, as I am today, there is always a few songs bouncing around in my melancholy today's sound track is Lou Reed - It's such a perfect day...

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