Favourite photoshoots of 2011


 So in 2011 I graduated from my photography degree and really started pushing for freelance work as well as setting up my own mini studio, so it was quite a year. It can sometimes be easy to get all caught up in the stress of starting a new business and you don't see how far you have come and how much you have done so I have just been looking through some pics and here are some of my favourites...hopefully I will get a few more fashion shoots this year, in fact I will be working with Vera Shoes again soon and hopefully many more interesting jobs will come my way this year :) You can see my photography website at www.lauracharlottephotography.com

Portrait session

Sisters - portrait session

Fashion shoot for Buzz Magazine July issue

Fashion shoot for buzz magazine July issue

Vera shoes hiking boot lookbook shoot

Vera Shoes hiking boot lookbook

Sons and brothers shoot
Sons and brothers shoot
Buzz Magazine food guide.....I got to eat this afterwards and it was sooo yummy
My favourite portrait from Pete and Laura's September wedding

Abi's rocky portfolio shoot

He was just the coolest kid

Like father like son...not the best photo but I love Arthurs facial expression.


  1. Just discovered your site and I'm in love! Can't wait to read more!

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  3. Thanks so much for the kind comments :)

  4. I have no photography talent. I don't know the fancy words to describe the work. But they leave me envious. And I know that freelance work, well, that takes perseverance and bravery. Lovely work.

  5. Visiting from SITS -- I just LOVE those pictures. Every single one of them has personality. I'll never qualify for a photography degree, but I've got a really cool camera now, and I am learning techniques to enhance my blogging. It's REALLY helpful to see some of a pro's favorite shots of her own. It gives me a sense of what sincerely works for you, not just in terms of what to take pictures of, but of what end results you want on your blog. (For instance, the not-the-greatest-picture-with-the-super-facial-expression). Happy Sits day!!

  6. Great photos! Happy SITS Day!

  7. Your site is great- I love what a mix you get exploring it!
    Fashion mixed with family- who can ask for more?
    Newset fan and follower!

  8. Stopping by from SITS. These are wonderful photos! I love the last one, too.

  9. SO lovely! I love the one with the girl with the hat and skirt.

  10. so fun ... love the artsy ones of the feet and hands ... a fresh look at life!

    Enjoy your SITS day! :)

  11. Love the colors in the female model photo for Buzz! Happy SITS day!

  12. I'm stopping by from SITS-- to say love, love, love it. Your perspective is so uniquely yours. Thanks for sharing.




Lovely comments

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