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Have you ever wished that you could get paid to travel? Have you thought of looking for a job that you might enjoy more? If yes, you clicked on the right article. I have compiled a list of the seven best jobs that could make you happy.

1. Hospitality Staff

Before I had children I worked in a variety of hotels, backpackers, cafes and bars are across Europe, this allowed me to travel and earn money and I was lucky enough to live and work in Amsterdam, Edinburgh, on the French Riviera and on the West Coast of Scotland. A few of the places not only provided me a salary but also staff accommodation, allowing me to save even more and some of the work was seasonal which meant I could move on to somewhere new when my contract ended. 

amsterdam girl
Me while living and working in Amsterdam

2. Teacher

Are you a certified foreign language teacher? Are you a university professor? These two types of educators are the ones who have the most opportunities to get a contract in order to move to another country for a specific amount of time and teach at a school or university there. The huge benefit is they get to not only do what they love but also explore and become part of a culture that it’s new to them.

3. Voice Actor

There are numerous creative projects happening all around the world as we speak. Many of them are looking for the perfect voice to do a voice-over or a narration. Luckily, if you have an account on voquent.com, not only do you make it easy for casting directors to find you, but also you get to accept offers from places all-around your own country and abroad. Record an audio demo of your acting, and your voice may become famous soon.

4. Interpreter

An interpreter provides a live translation from one language to another. For example, if there is a foreign speaker at a conference, an interpreter will be the one to repeat what this speaker says to the language the audience knows. Interpreters are needed in conferences, embassies, hospitals, courts, international businesses and so on. Whether you are a freelancer or an employee at a translation and interpreting services agency, you may need to travel to different cities in your country or in a foreign land depending on the needs of your clients.


5. Drivers and Couriers

With so many delivery apps and taxi services, no matter what kind of vehicle you drive – a taxi, a bicycle, a truck, etc there are jobs out there that offer flexible hours in cities across the world. From delivering food by bicycle or scooter in hours that work for you it is something to consider. It goes without saying that driving all day or all night is difficult and dangerous, but at least you get to enjoy beautiful sceneries and meet interesting people.

6. Flight or Cruise Attendant

Another profession that goes hand in hand with travelling is being a flight or a cruise attendant. In both means of transportation, your main responsibility is to serve food and drinks to passengers and to ensure that they have a satisfactory and safe trip. When the passengers leave, however, you have some free time to relax and enjoy the world around you.

digital nomad

7. Digital Nomad

With more and more people working online and remotely from home it's opened up so many options to work from anywhere. You may be employed by a company doing things like copywriting or social media management but you may also own your own business selling digital products or drop shipping which you can do from anywhere. 

8. Travel Blogger

Lastly, a job that you don’t only get to travel but also share your experience with the world is travel blogging. People devour travel content on TV and on the internet because either they get to see beautiful places that they might never have the chance to visit themselves or they need help to decide what their next holiday destination will be. A lot of people become travel bloggers because it is a very creative job that gives them the freedom to fulfil any insanely awesome idea they may have. And you can do the same.

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  1. I wish I would have work in hospitality and traveled for a few years after graduation. Now I'm waiting for retirement and plan to spend a lot of time on cruide ships. Love the idea of learning more about social media management to supplement my retirement income. These are really great ideas.

  2. It would always be great to be able to travel and be paid too. We have family members who travelled and taught English and got to see fascinating spots. It is great that more and more jobs allow people to work remotely. We certainly don’t make enough money doing travel blogging to live on. But we sure see others that work very hard to make this profitable.

  3. Great suggestions for jobs that pay you to travel. I myself work as a tourguide and write guidebooks about several destinations for a German publisher. It is the best work I can imagine. The pay is not that great compared to company jobs, but it keeps me on the road for the better part of the year (not during Corona times though....)

  4. It is an excellent article, especially for people who want to travel and earn money while traveling. I have a friend who is an English teacher and travels around Asian countries teaching the language there. I think this is an excellent idea for combining travel with work. I also have a friend who works as a Spanish interpreter and travels worldwide. I haven't heard about Voice Actor before, it's a pretty exciting job I think.

  5. I never thought of voice actor as being an option for paid travel, but the others make sense. Now, if only I could turn my hobby travel blog into a source of income. That's the dream.

  6. I'd like to try the voiceover work, it's something that interests me. With travel blogging, it's not so easy right now with the pandemic. Hopefully things will get better soon.

  7. Great post on job opportunities that pay you to travel.It helps so many people to accomplish their dreams.

  8. I'm more of a freelance travel writer, which also helps with being able to travel the globe. I do have my own blog also, but my main source of income is freelance writing for a few outlets, and I LOVE it!

  9. These are cool and interesting jobs which I myself tried in the past. An unforgettable experience of living in another country and immersing one's self in it!These are right up our alley, but most people don't know about them.

  10. Definitely worth my time reading. Great articles from your content to your images, hope in the future continue to write more for everyone to refer. Keep up the good work.


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