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I think many of us in the UK are currently feeling the heating pinch with gas and electric prices rising across the board. If you don’t properly prepare your home for the winter season, it’s an understatement to say that you won’t feel comfortable staying in, nor will you like how your house will feel throughout the season and you will likely end up paying more than you need to heat your home. See can see other tips I have shared in addition to this post here.

Because of this, now is the time to put some effort in to help save you money and keep your house warm. This is possible through a variety of tools and even simple tips that you can do immediately.

Since there are thousands of ways that you can turn to for the said purpose, looking them up online can get overwhelming. This is why I have prepared some of the best ways in the next sections to help keep things simple and straight to the point. 

1. Get a digital thermostat

The most efficient tool on our list involves a digital thermostat. This is also known as a programmable or smart thermostat and is a common tool used in households that want to save money on both heaters and air conditioners.

A digital thermostat will adjust your whole indoor temperature for you. To use it in winter, just set it to a warmer temperature until you get your desired environment. Some experts recommend dialling it down to 18 degree Celsius to save the most when it comes to utility bills, but it will still be up to you.

All in all, you will be able to use the tool for both heating and cooling processes, which makes it both budget-friendly and convenient in the long run.

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2. Tightly seal windows

Tightly sealing windows is a simple yet effective task in making sure that no cold air will enter your home throughout the day. You can do this by placing plastic films tightly on each of your windows. Make sure that they are not rattling or moving, so you know that you did the process right.

If you’re thinking about the aesthetics or just how the plastic would look, you have nothing to worry about since the plastic that you will use points to the thin, flimsy, film-like ones. They are also transparent and insulating, so you won’t have to doubt their effectiveness.

3. Get insulating curtains

If you’re against the idea of placing plastic films or you’re just in need of additional heating tools in your home, then getting and installing insulating curtains is the way to go. These are thick ones that have the ability to warm up your home’s internal temperature. At the same time, you can also expect it to make your stay-in days more comfortable.

Insulating curtains require a budget, especially if you have many windows in your house. However, you can always find cheap yet still high-quality deals if you look hard enough. You can browse products through online shops or hardware and department stores near you.


4. Install radiator panels

The main role of radiator panels is to reflect heat onto your home. In turn, it will help keep your home at a warm temperature. Not only is this tool cheap, but it’s also easy to install, so hiring a professional isn’t necessary if you’re willing to go through physical labour. For big homes, you may need two radiator panels because of the quite limited coverage of one board.

5. Place rugs on floorboards

For our last tip, we will need rugs, carpets, and similar accessories that can help you cover your floorboards and build a warm temperature over them. This is possible for those who have bare floorboards, may they be wooden or tiled marbles. No matter what, good insulating materials for our feet will definitely have an impact on your home during the winter seasons.

floor rugs


Keep in mind that to have a guaranteed warm home in winter, you should be willing to exert time and effort for the said tasks above. You can also look for more tips online once you’re done, but you can also just stick to the ones we discussed. These are also perfect for homeowners who are on a budget.
If you’re just planning to move to a new home, especially if it’s in a new country like Canada, you can make sure that you won’t have to go through all of the said tips above by looking for an already prepped home. You can ask for Canadian immigration advice to get assistance for the whole moving process. It can also be the key to finding the best real estate possible for your new home in winter.


  1. I am always miserable when cold so do make sure that there are no drafts and the house is not letting out heat

  2. We have a digital thermostat but I really want to get Hive installed in our house


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