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With just under 5000 followers on my Instagram I don't have the biggest following and thats okay because I am sure it will come with time as my main focus has certainly shifted away from numbers and statistics and more towards creating a space and a feed that truly reflects my life as well as something I am happy with, that makes me smile and is a visually interesting daily diary that I can look back on in years to come.

I think when it comes to IG there are certainly two camps which have formed, those who try and play the algorithm game regardless (at times) of creating beautiful original content and those who are more interested in organic engagement, neither is "right" and it's okay to be in the middle, at the end of the day it is a marketing tool to some so taking a little time to create balance between both especially if it is connected to your work or livelihood is important but don't forget its not just a place for numbers but also for inspiration.

At the heart of IG is a community and I feel its important to encourage and support the part of the community you most relate too and it's always a good feeling when you get that support back. It's really made me feel like concentrating on creating good content has been the best idea as my images have been featured with #lifecloseup #CelebratingMotherhoodIG #Curiouslittleexplorers and #CapturingFatherhood, all users and hashtags I love and have a strong affliction with.

So putting numbers aside here are some tips on making an Instagram feed you love.

1. Chose your best captures to share, think quality over quantity.
2. Edit your images and make sure they are looking their best with regards to lighting and composure
3. Be Inspired by your community - I don't mean straight up copy your favourite IGers but collect ideas that you like and try implement them into your feed.
4. Plan your feed so it's somewhat cohesive, personally I use an app called Mosaic which allows me to see what an image looks like within my feed before posting.
5. Write insightful descriptions and use IG as a mini blogging platform as with every picture there is always a story to share.
6. If your IG feed is personal to your life than as above with writing a good description you need to share a little of you with your readers, it's a personal journey after all and get them involved (within reason).
7. Don't repose similar images over and over again, once or twice is great but you want IG to feel like a creative space and producing new content will make it feel fresh and visual inspiring.

At the end of each month I love to look back and see what adventures we have got up too and usually at the end of the year I get a few of my favourite pics either framed or printed into a little book. There is a fantastic site that allows you to download your IG images really easily through an instaport called  Vibbi, there is also a Web Viewer which allows you to find hashtags for your feeds theme.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. Your images are gorgeous so your Instagram tips are really helpful. Great point about telling a story too!

  2. I am thinking of my Instagram feed at the moment. I'm doing a 365 project and I try to share beautiful pictures. Sometimes is hard as I don't have amazing pictures daily, but I do my best. I am paying more attention to the hashtags too, so that site sounds interesting.

  3. These are great tips! I think instagram is one of my most favourite forms social media.

  4. Some really helpful tips. I'm trying to grow mine. I think using it as a mini blogging platform is a great idea x

  5. I think you have a really healthy attitude to instagram and this is sound advice. I can't treat it purely as fun or for pleasure (unfortunately) as it is linked to my work but ultimately I want it to be my space and something that reflects me regardless of the likes/follows. K xx

  6. Great tips. I don't have anywhere near as many followers as you, but I do love a good looking Instagram feed x

  7. great tips! I love Instagram, but to be honest, don't worry about numbers anymore, just post the photos I like!


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