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Nearly everyone has some kind of interest in fashion or clothes as from a pretty young age we decided how we want to present ourselves to the world and this is often expressed through what clothes we wear. I always find it interesting to hear other peoples thoughts on this topic so when a fellow writer, Robert asked if he could share his views on the current state of our High Street fashion in the UK I was happy to accommodate.

What about the high street fashion? It is easy to guess that the high street fashion is the clothes that can be bought in the mass-retail chain stores, like H&M, Topshop and others. These stores sell casual clothes for the consumers of all age groups. You will find clothes for children, teenagers, young, mature and elderly people. The high street fashion is characterized with the clothes that are appropriate for different situations. One can find a good suit for business, conferences and other special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries. If your inspired by city living and street style than you may noticed a proportion of outfits are made up of High Street staples.

While the High Street aims to make comfortable, beautiful and affordable clothes many designers see fashionable clothes as pieces of art or part of a larger collection and aim to produce unique and authentic items with the use of their experience and creative approach to different fabrics and cuts, often combining classic and new ideas into something new.

At the end of the day Designers are at the forefront of fashion and in simple words create new trends. The high street fashion designers utilise different approach. Most often, they borrow the successful ideas from the ‘high fashion’ designers and simplify these ideas to make them more wearable and affordable. Because of this it means it's pretty easy to find something similar to the designer clothes seen in magazines on the high street.

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There are however some downfalls to the high street with some having a negative experience. The main reason is the quality of the items sold there. If you purchase £10 jeans at a retail store, they will not serve you for years as modern retail-fashion industry is focused on the mass production. Every vendor expects clients to buy new clothes regularly and one of the biggest mistake is to buy low quality footwear as not only do they not last a long time but are also often impossible to repair.

Another problem of mass production is the huge amount of wastes with retail companies producing too many clothes too quickly, making them very disposable items. Consequently, there is another kind of wastes being created by people throw away millions of tons of clothes annually making it even more important to upcycle and re-cycle clothes while they are still in wearable condition. This additional pressure on the environment causes harm to the ecological situation of our planet so we need to bear this in mind when making any kind of purchase.

In spite of some of the disadvantages and negative opinions, the high street fashion has conquered the world because in reality the majority cannot afford high end and designer clothing. If you need a good-looking suit for the special occasion, not many people have a spare £500 to shell out so of course it's much smarter to spend £70 for the entire suit that looks practically the same even though the workmanship in the longterm will not hold up. The main thing to take away with the fast movement of current fashion on the world today is to spend within your means as well as investing in pieces that are going to last longtime and no accumulating excess waste.

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  1. I think people look at the price of something to often and assume it is rubbish because of it and in many cases it is just not true x

    1. Thats very true! I don't think price is always a good indicator of quality
      Laura x

  2. I think its all about knowing when to splash the cash. A pair of boots they you wear all winter are worth spending on but a party dress you'll wear once? I would head to the high street for that.

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