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As some of you may already know we are gearing up to sell the house in the spring time so we are trying to make the most of every space we have in our home. We have done the renovations we felt where necessary to improve the property and have left some of the work done by the previous owners such as this glass brick feature in our lounge which allows light to come in from the hallway which is much needed as this is a low ceiling welsh cottage. It's not to our taste to say the least but it serves a really good purpose and offers a feature wall in our main social space. As it's quite "busy" we wanted to keep the overall interior of the room fairly minimal with well designed pieces that are timeless but stylish so when DFS got in touch over the summer asking us to take on a fun little challenge I couldn't wait, especially as our current sofa was being held up with my sewing box (seriously! Lets just say it had come to the end of it's life)

stylish sofa

scatter cushions

So what exactly was the challenge all about? Firstly we needed to pick a piece of furniture we felt would tie the room together and wow what a choice, it took us a few days but we settled with the stunning Zinc four seater sofa for French Connection in a Grey combination which also came with the two geometric scatter cushions and dark wood feet. What attracted us to this sofa was the it's simply but slightly retro design with a hint of Mad men to it but also the choice as it comes in 8 textured fabric colours as well as 3 choices of feet and 15yrs frame and frame spring guarantee which as you know if you have kids is fantastic to hear as I am sure they will really put it to the test.

So after the sofa arrived and we managed to squeeze it through our tiny little front door the second part of the challenge involved the kids! Yes thats right the Kids! We gave them free range to style the sofa to exactly how they would like it, queue all the toys, chaos and not exactly the calm and serene little nook I had envisaged for the sofa, luckily this was only temporary and we all had a lot of fun seeing what they would get up too.

messy sofa

So apparently it was a ship and we would be at sea for a longtime and therefore needed plenty of things to entertain us such as books, xylophone, soft toys and plenty of cushions to keep us comfortable, as well as a hand drawn map which my eldest proudly showed us. We pretty much had to leave it like this for 3 days as they were having so much fun role-playing and pretending they were at sea before reverting it back to a more family friendly sofa where I am sure we are going to be spending many an autumn evening cuddled up with my big soft throw a cup of hot chocolate. How would your children style your sofa if they had the chance? 

Thanks so much for DFS for asking us to be apart of this fun campaign 


  1. This is beautiful!!
    Mónica Sors

  2. My sofa is invariably a hotel bed, a nurses bed, a ship or a den :)

    Love that grey sofa, good choice x

  3. Love this sofa! It looks so good in your house. The little guys look so pleased with themselves :-) xx

  4. I must say I am utterly jealous. I am desperate for a new sofa almost exactly like the one you picked. Ours are a bit old and tatty now, but Jon won't let me buy a new one just yet as we have other important things to buy. Boo what a spoil sport. ;) I love the creative ship idea, kids love doing things like this don't they? My girls have such good imaginations! xx

  5. Ha! Love that the kids have turned your sofa into a ship. That's creative thinking for you, but the question is, which one is a pirate?

  6. I LOVE that they turned it into a ship. Such a neat idea! I love that sofa. It looks so comfy! I am sure my girls would cover it in my little ponies x

  7. Your home looks lovely. Love the idea of a sofa ship! I think ours would be a sofa stage as our girls love performing, dancing and singing!

  8. thats a really lovely sofa, it looks just like mine after my son takes over k x

  9. Oh I love this post! It's so cute that the kids thought it was a ship and I love that they thought about all the books they might need whilst out at "sea"! The sofa itself is lovely too :)

    Lottie L'Amour xxx


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