Hello Spring, Easter and Biscuiteers


I cannot put into words how happy we are that it is officially spring - I think we can safely say in our household we are not huge fans of winter in the UK, especially for myself being a Southern Hemisphere expat. Perhaps if it always snowed and we could go snowboarding every season like our European continent counterparts I would feel differently but alas that is not the case in wet and windy Wales, so the sunshine and warmer days are a very welcomed sight.

What I love about when the seasons change is being able to bring back to life some long lost clothes such as this Levi's shirt which has been hibernating for a while. I have paired it up with some black jeans from TopShop,  Supergra trainers, F&F sunglasses and a beautiful box of Biscuiteers Peter Rabbit handmade Easter Biscuits - this box is so beautiful if I could somehow make it into a clutch I would.

Spring of course also means another fun celebration that is Easter and every year we indulge in some crafting, baking and of course a little Easter Egg hunt, as well as slowing down and enjoying some quality time as a family. Like I said we usually do a little baking and often make these simple biscuits which Mr A loved to decorate although if you don't have time or are looking for something extra special and truly beautiful then check out these stunning Easter boxes from Biscuiteers which you still have time to order as they do next day delivery. Last year I was given a truly tasty biscuit card from a friend and since then have been a fan as it's a real touch of London luxury in the home.

We tend to not go over the top with regards to our kids and sugar and apply our ethos of less is more when it comes to these things and go for quality over quantity, so we will be sharing this biscuit boxes alongside one medium sized egg each, while we used decorated paper mache eggs for our hunt. This year is going to be especially special as it's the first time Baby G will be involved now that he is walking everywhere and I am sure he is going to find the whole thing very amusing...and tasty.

What family traditions for you have for this time of the year? Do you celebrate easter or do you welcome spring in a different way?

We were sent the Peter Rabbit Easter box in return for an honest review


  1. I love being able to wear clothes that were redundant in the colder months! Those biscuits look amazing!

  2. I simply love being at home with my family. Great outfit and the biscuits are adorable. Have a lovely Easter. x

  3. Enjoy your biscuits! I had the Mother's Day card biscuit box and they were amazing! Happy Easter!

  4. We have a lot of easter egg hunting planned in our new garden, I can't wait. Happy Easter to you and the family x

  5. Yum!! I love a good Easter biscuit. And you look ace obviously :-)

  6. Oh those biscuits look too good to eat! We usually all gather at my parents house and mum cooks up a storm...yummy x

  7. Love the outfit and the biscuits too! super cute! I really don't have that many easter traditions but really should make more of an effort when it comes to Easter for F. x


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