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Having a family has changed my view on money

I can still remember the moment I found out I was pregnant with my eldest, up until that point I only had to think about myself, what I earned I would either save to go travelling or spend on things like clothes and eating out but as soon as I saw those two blue lines a switch went on inside of me and I knew straight away I would have to save every penny and that the way I viewed money needed to change.

I think I have always been fairly sensible and have never got in over my head when it comes to money although I did have some student debt and minor spending on credit cards but nothing too unmanageable. At the time of my first pregnancy neither John or I were earning very much so I wanted to make a point of really getting on top of things, clearing debt and saving for essentials. I became very frugal and learnt how to upcycle, would pick up charity shop bargains, cooked meals from scratch and kept my eye our for any specials that would help keep our monthly outgoings down.

I have always tried to have some kind of savings behind me, even just a small amount for those "in-case" days and believe me we have had a few of those over the past few years such as the washing machine breaking or the bath leaking and needing to be replaced and even last week the car suspension went and I think if your prepared for the inevitable set backs life throws up every now and then you will feel far more secure and be able to deal with them better.

The problem is John is pretty terrible at saving and is still in my view adjusting to life with kids and a family when it comes to his personal disposable income, don't get me wrong all the bills are covered on time each month, we have never been arrears in all the years we have been together but he often makes large purchases for himself while I would rather save that for a rainy day (yes i'm the boring one).

Have you felt that you have changed the way you view money since leaving home or starting a family or do finances still overwhelm you? Aviva have put together a fun and easy quiz to work out your financial personality and lists your super powers and your nemesis and I found mine to be pretty accurate. I came up as the "The Super Stretcher" where my frugal powers mean I can make the pounds stretch but I have a weak spot is being too generous or over-spending when it comes to those special occasions such as Birthdays or Christmas and I do find that even though I have never been over materialist I sometimes spend too much on on or two higher end products as I can sometime feel guilty for being so frugal the rest of the year.

We have been saying for a fair few months that we plan to move soon, but we really are getting close to putting the house on the market and this Personality Quiz has really helped put the pro's and con's of our personal saving and spendings into clear perspective and has offered us advice on how to move forward. There are some really fun questions that put together what kind of person you are, were and what you like to spend your money on and how you approach saving, in a non-intrusive way that offers really useful advice.

I do find that being self-employed and working freelance has certainly to a degree made me more nervous about my finances but I think this is only normal and I think that perhaps relaxing a bit more and being more moderate at times. I feel that I could be making my money work harder for me and plan to spend some time researching ways to save, invest and be more knowledgable about things like stocks and shares ISA's which Aviva offer, all in all however I am pretty happy with how I view money and the changes I made after starting a family.


  1. My husband is terrible with money, I'm the one that is in charge of it all as if it were left up to him it would al be spent! We try and save but trouble being there isn't a lot left after bills these days.

  2. I have often wondered whether I could find my niche and go self-employed. I envy friends that have done it.

  3. Like you, being self employed has it's challenges with a changing monthly income. I do have an ISA and a current account that pays interest. I like spending money on travel but I'm cautious with money otherwise. I am a super stretcher on the quiz!


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