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There aren't many things more satisfying than completing a DIY project around the house. You save some money on repair or upkeep costs, you gain a sense of accomplishment, and you often even pick up some new skills along the way. But as most experienced home DIY'ers know, it's not always as easy as it looks to complete a project like this. You'll likely need to research who to do a given job, plan it out carefully, and practice on-the-go. But perhaps above all else, you'll need the right tools and equipment to get the job done.

This is something all too many of us have realised when reaching for an old, forgotten toolkit only to find it sadly lacking or depleted! With that in mind, here are some general supply tips that can benefit anyone who regularly takes a DIY approach to home projects.

Stock Up On Protective Gear

When considering supplies for home improvement projects and similar efforts, it's easy to think only of utilities. There's always a handful of items you really need to get a job done, and it's tempting to collect that handful and be done with it. But try to remember that it's also important to stock up on protective safety gear such as safety goggles and facemasks. Those two items are a nice start where protective gear is concerned.

Don't Forget Power Tools

The average home toolkit, either assembled over time or purchased as an set collection, tends to neglect power tools—despite the fact that these can sometimes help you get a job done quickest! It can be a little bit difficult to sift through the countless similar choices there are when looking for drills or other tools in this arena, but you can simplify the process a little bit by browsing online. Screwfix, the leading UK supplier of trade tools, even offers a "click and collect" feature that lets you order before you set off to find items in a local store. That means after browsing online, you can make a simple process out of picking up whichever power tools you may need to boost your toolkit with.

We striped this room, re-painted the walls, re-carpeted the floors and up cycled the chest of draws and chair.

Prepare To Clean

One of the worst things about taking on home improvement projects on your own is that you'll almost inevitably make a mess. It's an old saying that a lot of repair and clean-up projects get worse before they get better, and part of that process tends to involve clutter, dust, and debris spreading across a repair or project area. Thus, it's important to consider clean-up as part of the DIY process, rather than an unfortunate obligation to be addressed later on. Stock your work closet or garage with a ready supply of cleaning tools, and you'll be better equipped to deal with messes as you go along, and tidy up right when you finish a job.

Download A Levelling Tool

This is a simple one, but still something that a lot of home DIYers will want to take note of. Quite often a home fix-up project involves the need to establish straight lines in a room. And for that, you need an accurate levelling tool. Some mobile devices actually come with such tools built in, but if you don't happen to have one already, iHandy's free app can be particularly helpful. It costs you nothing to download and should satisfy any needs in this regard.

Download A Guide App

Sticking with the idea of digital tools that can help in your home DIY efforts, Tom's Guide suggested a range of apps that can serve multiple purposes. Most notably, they're guides or sets of instructions for pretty much any project you could imagine. Some of these programs, like Wiki How, may have somewhat-dubious reputations among those who prefer to take a more professional approach. But others like SnapGuide can be helpful simply due to how many different jobs they cover. Even if you don't have a specific plan to use it, an app like this can be a handy addition to your DIY supplies, as you never know when a new project will come up. You may even find new ideas for creative DIY initiatives just by browsing through one of the apps!


  1. great post. I'm looking into making some chnanges in our home and working on rooms, I will be blogging about our improvements and enjoy reading other ideas. Power tools are a must! So helpful and cleaning/ repainting makes such a difference! Angela

    1. Thanks so much Angela - can't wait to see your blog posts about your improvements and hope this helps

      Laura x

  2. That levelling help app is a genius idea, and one I've never come across before. I have a lot of framed posters in my room and everything looks incredibly off if they're not entirely at right angles.

  3. I dont know why my comment didnt go through but I will try again.

    This is such a good and helpful post, and it is so true when it comes with the tools. The guide app seems like a very good idea, and something to keep in mind when you are doing projects. Love it!

    Wish you a happy mothers day! xx

  4. Handy little guide Laura, tbh I leave it all to Jon lol!


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