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Scandal interior

We are finally nearing the end of our current property journey - the house we bought two years ago was always going to be an interim project, not a full renovation like our last home but a project none the less. To be honest even though the proportions of the house are good it's never been our taste of property and we have done what needs to be done to sell and get the best price we can and have managed to detach ourselves from getting to personally involved. 

Being an interior lover this has been at times hard to do as I am now really looking forward to moving onto a more long-term project and home that will see our personal tastes come into full effect and my mind is already racing with ideas. In the ideal world we will be able to purchase a bay fronted Victorian property with exposed wooden floors and original features that we can inject some Scandi style and simplicity into as well as our love of travel and have taken inspiration from various places we have stayed over the past year, including this designer flat in Earls Court above which we spent some time in during the summer.

interior design

While we finish up our snagging list and enjoy the festive period as a family I am putting together a little scrap book of ideas to take forward with us to our new property to help us visualise what we are going want to achieve. Co-op Insurance have recently released a fun and easy tool called Room for Change to help you discover and define your interior style within minutes by simply swiping and clicking on items you like, kind of like tinder for interiors and it has reaffirmed my love for the 1960's and retro furniture. 

While I have a clear idea of what kind of space we want to create I have started collecting a few small home accessories as well as making little wish lists for myself, I think it's important to keep yourself on track while keeping open to new trends and ideas. I have put together a few things I am loving at the moment.

stylish interior

1. Karlsson Alarm Clock £17.50
2. Copper Industrial Pendant lamp £95
3. Amelie Vase £15
4. Candle in ceramic holder £7.99

So if you are a bit unsure of what your personal style is or just need a little bit of direction then try out the Room for Change tool, like I said it's super easy and fun to use.

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  1. I really like the copper alarm clock, I saw a similar one yesterday in Kikik.k x

  2. Loving the copper alarm clock too, and that candle! x

  3. Love these pieces - and what a great idea. Must try this :) Jess xx

  4. I love these kinds of posts from you!!!
    Just tried to buy the clock ... its sold out till Feb - Gutted!
    Will bookmark until then. Thanks hun
    Charlotte x

  5. We will be moving soon, so this looks really useful for our current situation :) love your style! x

  6. I love the 1960s designs, retro stuff looks amazing x


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