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Denim dungarees

Hope everyone has been having a wonderful weekend, it's been a busy one for us, with two trips to London this week and another one next week it's been all go recently and this warmer weather has been blissful and I hope it sticks around for a while. With all our recent travels and more to come this summer I am looking for some chill out time at some festivals this year, as you may already know we love a good festival and have taken Mr A to them since he was 18 months old and this year we will also have Baby G in tow.

Denim dungarees
Round sunglasses, Denim Dungarees, Love life tee, black espadrilles - all F&F

As with everything the more you do the better you get so after a few good years we have the camping and festival thing down and have worked out what is worth packing and what simply is not. When Tesco asked me to put together a list of camping essentials from their Summer Boost collection I couldn't wait and for those who don't know what Summer boost is all about it's basically certain departments such as clothing, skincare and camping allow you to double the value of your Tescos vouchers All the clothes in the picture are from F&F except my necklace and I love these practical and stylish Dungarees

festival essentials
Festival beauty essentials

When your camping you of course also need some basic beauty essentials, I tend to only take exactly what I need as you really don't want to be carrying around any unnecessary weight so my Must Have's are - a Babble filter water bottle as keeping hydrated is so important for your skin, especially on a hot day. Some Maybelline Baby Lips intense care balm, Barry M nail varnish and Garnier Cleansing wipes as it's not unusual to go 2 days or so without a shower. My other major essential is a blow up camping bed, don't think for a moment you will be comfortable on a small foam roll or yoga mat, it simply won't cut the mustard and you will look awful in the morning without some king of rested sleep. 

What will you be doing this summer? Jetting of to somewhere hot? What will you be wearing? I hope you can come and join in with Street Style Sunday and share you style inspiration 


  1. You look fab! I never would have guessed those dungarees were from F&F! We've done a day at a festival, we're not quite brave enough to camp yet (well, my family are, I'm not!).

  2. Ah I love your dungarees, I am always eyeing them up but don't have a pair just yet! That might have to change. Not sure if we will get away this summer yet but I'd love to do a festival with kids, maybe next year when my youngest is three! x Love this linky, it's my first time joining in with street style sunday, good luck at the Bibs x

  3. I wish I could take a nice trip somewhere hot soon, but I'm stuck at work all summer :(. Love the outfit - he slip-ons are so cute


  4. I love your dungarees, not sure I could pull them off so stylishly though.

  5. I'm loving the dungerees, and having just got back from camping I agree wipes are essentials

  6. Love those dungarees! I'm so done with camping, I find it challenging!! Hotels all the way from now on...


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