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Sand Dunes in South Wales

Oh the bliss of discovering new and beautiful places pretty much on your doorstep. A few weeks back a friend invited me to Merthyr Mawr sand dunes near Ogmore-on-sea a beach we have visited many times but yet had never hear of Merthyr Mawr before. I always get quite excited at the prospect of exploring somewhere new so Mr A and I headed off to what turned out to be a very fun day, so much so that when the bank holiday came around the first thing Mr A wanted to do was take John to see the sand dunes and the ruins of castle nearby.

There is an amazing tree on the top of one of the smaller sand dunes which has the most incredible roots and is perfect for climbing, in fact Mr A ate his lunch up there. The landscape of the place almost reminds me California and the fresh sea air is perfect for the soul. The drive to Merthyr Mawr through little country lands pass chocolate box thatched houses only adds to the magic of the place, as you arrive in the carpark which is a wooded area and doesn't give away much to how amazing and huge the dunes are until you walking through the trees and reach them.

We packed a picnic, put the baby in the sling and spent a few hours walking up and down various dunes and have some good old natural outdoor fun, we also managed to get a little family selfie with all four of us for once. One thing if for sure we will be back here a few times over summer, thats for sure.

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  1. Such beautiful photographs of your family in a stunning natural setting. I visited the north coast of wales last year, whilst catching up with family in the UK, and absolutely adored it. Wishing I could go again soon... sigh :)

  2. Oh I love a stomp around sand dunes. A perfect little adventure. Lovely family selfie too.

  3. This looks like a good place to go. Never been to the sand dunes before x

  4. What an amazing tree! I do love a good tree stump/root thing - I have a bit of a thing about trees generally.

  5. I love Merthyr Mawr too. Southerdown Beach is amazing too, really dramatic landscape there.

  6. I love this, it looks like such fun and so natural, it made me smile Mr A having his sandwich in the tree! A wonderful selfie of you all at the end too, you all look so relaxed, lovely to see. Thank you for sharing you day with me on Country Kids.

  7. That's such a lovely pic of you all at the end. My kids love the sand dunes too and I get really nervous when they disappear half way up a cliff side (or so it seems). Lovely post! x

  8. Lovely photographs of you and your family. I love the green jumper. the colour is really bold xx Mummy 2 Monkeys xx

  9. Oh wow love the photographs...there are so many gorgeous places in the UK that it makes me want to explore more, particularly now that travel will be a little harder with a baby xx


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