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Given the monumental wonders of modern technology, taking pictures is now super easy. In addition to the abundance of smartphones and devices that help us capture the important moments in our lives, there has also been an explosion of tools and platforms that are designed to edit, store and share our pictures as well. One popular by-product of this revolution is canvas printing. From photos of lush green landscapes to family portraits that document your memories, printing your photos on canvas can literarily turn them into fine works of art!

Over the years and through lots of trail and error, we have become familiar with some of the best ways to ensure great looking pictures and what is needed to turn them into beautiful pieces of art on canvas. Let me share some of them with you:

Use the Best Pictures

If you are going for canvas prints the most important aspect to get right is the quality of your images. Selecting the best of your pictures to use for canvas printing will get you optimum results with sharp images and colours that stand out. Tips to remember include controlling your exposure to get the right mood, using the flash when taking photos in low light, and utilising symmetry to get unique art effects.

Personalise your Canvas Prints

One advantage of canvas printing your photos is that the style and methods you can use to create works of art are endless. The following are just some of the most popular ways to get photos printed on canvas:

Photo Collage – unlike conventional pictures and frames, a bulky frame will not separate your photos if you opt for a collage photo canvas. This style will allow you to tell a story or showcase a collection of pictures in a beautiful and seamless way in one frame.

Museum Style Wraps – this option creates a museum art style in the sense that it makes canvas prints appear larger and as if they were floating in the frame.

Gallery Wraps – gallery wrapping is the term that’s given to the scenario where an image on canvas is stretched around the sides of the frame to create a striking and focused effect. This canvas style works well with images that have lots of background or empty spaces around the frame.

Framed Gallery Wrapping – this method can be used to match your homes’ interior and d├ęcor with a floating wood frame in a colour of your choice.

Turning your photos into art with canvas printing is relatively easy thanks in part to many online services that offer such types of services. Using the very best pictures and personalising them to your taste will set you on your way to achieving a truly stand out and arty aesthetic with your pictures. In addition to being a modern, personalised wall art option for any home; canvas photo printing does a great job of capturing our memories and reminding us of those events in our lives that matter to us the most in a simple yet stylish way.

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  1. When I visit my friends, I always love watching what pics they put on the wall. It is a great idea!



    1. Hi Dominkia, I know it's always lovely seeing family photos on the walls

      Laura x


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