Hidden parks of London


fun in Hyde Park
Being silly in Hyde Park

London is known, not only for its museums and theatres, but also for its magnificent parks. In fact, London is the capita of parks and the famous Hyde Park is the widest and most interesting one. Walking through the bustling and crowded city streets of London, it is difficult to imagine that you may open up a new world if you leave your student accommodation London and start to explore the other hidden parks of the capital. Find the amazing number of hidden tiny gardens and parks where you can relax in a cozy green oasis, breathe the scent of grass and hear the birds singing. Here are some of the secret parks which can be found in London.

Richmond is the biggest park in England. This is a very picturesque hilly area covered with forests and beautiful alleys full of ancient trees. Since 1955, it has housed the Royal Ballet School. The nearby Richmond tube station is called Kew Gardens. This is a huge botanical garden where you will see the centuries-old trees and take the most beautiful photos in the world.

The beautiful Kew Gardens

In the north of the capital, next to Hampstead Heath, there lies a real jewel - Pergola & Hill Garden, a former Lord Leverhulme garden with a large pergola built in the early twentieth century. This place is a real London gem: pergola’s columns entwined with rosehip and grape leaves, light breaking through the foliage, crazy view of the Green Park and quaint benches where you can kiss.

What other interesting things may you find in the park, even if it is in London? Tracks, trees, a beautiful zoo and, of course, dinosaurs - this is all about the Crystal Palace Park. It is home to an extraordinary collection of statues - dinosaurs. It was more than 160 years ago when a sculptor and artist Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins built life-size models of dinosaurs who once lived on the earth.

natural childhood
Mr A looking at Buttercups in Regents Park

As for the Regent's Park, this is a masterpiece of landscape design and the popular tourist attraction in the capital of the UK. It is often called “the jewel in the crown of the Royal Parks”. It may show the London Zoo, the Central City Mosque, a beautiful lake with boats, an outdoor theatre and a cafe. Nowadays, residential buildings surrounding Regent's Park are considered one of the most expensive and luxurious buildings in the city.

We love the outdoor spaces in London

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  1. Fat Tyre do good bike tours of the royals parks in London. If you travel to London by train you get 2 for 1 on the tour price too. I always remember visiting my friend who lived in Oval and wandering around and we found a little park opposite her house where people could meditate and she enever even knew it was there. So many hidden gems in London xx

  2. Beautiful photos! Parks in London are lovely, so much to see and explore.

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