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laura Ashley fabric

Last week John and I dashed off to London for a little interior and fashion inspiration in the form of the Laura Ashley A/W press day. It's been a while since I have been to a Press Show due to having the baby 3 months ago so it was really nice to be getting back into the swing of things and I was especially excited as I am a huge fan of Laura Ashley, in fact we have Laura Ashely wallpaper in both the nursery and our bedroom. This was also Baby G's first time to the capital, already in his short time here he has done a fair bit of travelling.

Laura Ashley wool

As expected they had the countryside inspired look down to a tee and their kitchen range is all about vintage, wood and creating that homely feel. The China blue collection also caught my eye and is very clean cut with striking prints. What I really enjoy about press days is the creativity that goes into the room sets, I loved the record players covered in floral cut-outs and samples of their wallpaper,  as well as the stunning floral displays dotted around the room sets. Even though it's only June it was lovely to see the wonderful Christmas collection and I already know where I will be buying my decorations from.

floral fabric
How beautiful are these fabrics?

One thing I really want to find more time to do this year is craft and I have a few project ideas I am working on, one is making some new cushions and curtains and I love the two fabrics above which would be perfect for this. I have some gingham curtains my mother whipped up from Laura Ashley fabric a few years ago and it's such a classic style that it will never go out of fashion.

beautiful clothes

I also had a quick browse at their A/W clothing collection, some many pieces I want! There's a lot of tweed, wool and heritage styles, they had some beautiful bags and clutches that I cannot wait to see in store as well as a beautiful Fair Isle style jumper which I can image would be perfect on a cold wintery day sitting up against a fire with a cup of coco. Laura Ashley is such a classic and quintessential brand that constantly manages to stay relevant and on trend without losing it's ionic style. It was wonderful to be invited and the Laura Ashley press show and visiting London was just what I needed injected my soul with some inspiration


  1. I love Laura Ashley too, in fact it was Laura Ashley that introduced me to the world of skinny jeans! Behind the times as I am, I had never worn them until last year!!

  2. Theres some great designs here. I like that blue floral fabric x

  3. They always do blues so well. I am a big fan of Laura Ashley. Did you know she was Welsh and her first shop was in Powys?

  4. Love a bit of Laura Ashley! Funny enough I always think of their clothes when I think of them not their interiors! x

  5. Looks great, I love those giant knitted blankets! x

  6. I loved those record players too - such an imaginative way to show off their wallpapers! Sorry I missed you (again) xx

  7. I love Laura Ashley home and I have quite a lot of their furniture in my room at home. I definitely agree that their style is classic without being outdated. Alice x


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