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Doc Martens

So I really want to highlight some local stores on the blog, as Cardiff is a really great city with a lot of new developments and going's on. I was really happy when Doc Marten finally came to town, it's a brand with such heritage and cultural relevance. Being a bit of a skater punk back in the day, Doc's were always the go to shoe to wear to any gig and I still love the brand today. The Cardiff store, which is situated opposite St Davids 2, in the City Centre, has an amazing selection, friendly and knowledge staff with occasionally guest artists decorating the walls. The did a collaboration with Frontier Tattoo studio a while ago - the same tattoo studio that did both of John's leg tattoos.

British fashion

Whats even better is that have a great kids range and I cannot wait to get Mr A a pair sometime soon, I just think the miniature versions for both girls and boys from cribs right up to teenagers are super cute and on trend for children with a unique and strong personality, I mean how cool is this kid below.

Mod child

I recently did an outfit post rocking my much loved Doc Martens, I paired them up with another UK hertiage brand - Fred Perry for an urban workwear look, what is your favourite Doc style?

Doc Marten shoes
That't me, rocking my Docs

I have not been asked by Doc Marten to mention them, I just love this store and wanted to share it with you.


  1. That Doc Martin store is just amazing! I love the walls and the way they display the shoes! Love your outfit styled with your docks!


    1. Hi Rebecca

      Thanks so much for stopping by and glad you like my local store and outfit :)

      Laura x

  2. I love what you're wearing. I had a few pairs of DMs I loved throughout secondary school and I'd love to get a pair again for old times' sake :) My faves were a pair of classic black lace-up boots, and I used to wear purple laces in them. Worn with leggings and a big check shirt, of course! x

    1. Hi Hannah

      Thanks so much, I love my docks and it goes so well with the dungaree skirt :)

      Laura x

  3. I love girl yours frock and shoe. These are add amazing looks for you.

  4. Hi

    Thanks for the lovely comment :)

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