Out in the fresh air


natural childhood
Mr A having a closer look at the beans

So we have all had a bit of a down week lately with both John and I being hit but a cold/flu/dodgy tummy kind of bug flooring both of us for most of the week, the little man seemed to not be as badly effected but after 2-3 days indoors both the little man and I started to get cabin fever, so even though I was not 100%, when the sun started to shine again this week we ventured out to one of our favourite places to go - St Fagans, it's our real comfort choice as we always know we will see something new and enjoy the day.

fresh vegetables
Lots of lovely fruit and vegetables on show in the various gardens

With so many vegetables growing and various farm animals there is always something changing and a lot of the fresh produce is now really coming into it's own, with apples and pears on the trees, courgettes, pumpkins and carrots are on show and the piglets are now looking very big.

farm toddler

It was really lovely seeing Mr A having some fresh air, running around like the active little man he is, climbing big hills, tumbling down, riding the tractor train and playing hide and seek among the trees, really lifted my spirits and I am glad to say we are all now feeling a lot better.

outdoor fun
Mr A climbing a very steep hill

The joys of being outdoors

We have joined up with Country Kids linky this week, a lovely link for families for love spending time outdoors

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. I love St Fagans and I can't wait to take the girls before they go back to school. Without a car it's difficult to get to but I guess waiting for the bus is the same thing as being outside? ;) Beautiful photos!

    1. Hi Georgina

      Thanks so much for the lovely reply, yes St Fagans is a lovely place and I think the buses are fairly regular, I know my little man thinks a bus ride in itself is an adventure :)

      Laura x

  2. Great pictures!
    This looks like such a fun day out! Glad you guys are feeling better :]

    1. Hi Sarah

      Thanks so much for stopping by, yes feeling much better now, thanks :)

  3. I'm so glad you are all on the mend now and able to get back outdoors and enjoy some much needed fresh air. St Fagans seems like a lovely place to visit to see the changes that occur during the various seasons. Thanks for sharing Mr A's joy with being outdoors again with Country Kids.


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