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So did you get what you hoped for for Christmas? We made a point of not asking for anything - this way it was all a surprise.  Here are the four things we are enjoying most of all....

My Chanel makeup gifts from John - a real treat! It consist of a quadra eye shadow - in natural "mystic shades" and Rouge Allure lipstick as well as eye pads and make-up brushes, can't wait to try them out.

Chanel makeup

We are both loving our new street style instalment from The Sartorialist - his follow up book - amazing as usual and highly recommended.

Scott Schuman

This digital radio was a present from my mother to both John and I as a house warming gift and also we have been sitting in silence at breakfast due to our radio breaking during the move...we love the Britannia feel to it

Digital Radio

Mr A is having hours of fun with his toll bench, he loves to hammer the big nails in and them get them our and scream on the wood and it's great for building co-ordination and spacial awareness skills.

Children's tools


  1. Congrats on the Channel a real treat indeed.

  2. great! so lucky Chanel <3 and the book is awesome!

    xoxo & Happy New year


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