On the move


As you already may now we recently sold our house! We thought we would be moving just after Christmas but the buyer insisted on moving in before so for the past two weeks that is what we have been doing - packing...moving...moving and more packing - hence the lack of posts! We have also been offline for the first time in a long time, in fact we will only be reconnect to the world wide web next Wednesday  so this post is coming to you via my parents broadband. Moving is always a stressful and crazy time but with a toddler thrown in on top of that it's pretty interesting - especially just before Christmas  We have been working hard over the past few days to make our new temporary house homely - yes I say temporary as we still haven't found a place to buy, so we are renting a cute little cottage for a while instead. Here are my two  favourite parts of our new home...

welsh hertiage
Our beautiful old Welsh fireplace

beautiful canvas
Our cosy reading nook


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