Cashmere for Kids


I am totally in love with Cashmirino - the worlds first Cashmere brand for children! With styles straight out of Milan I don't think I am the only one who thinks this is a good idea, why not wrap your children up in one of the finest natural fibres out there. I would love to have a few items for Arthur as they are such wonderful, stylish and fun designs that are really tailored towards children and allow children to have the movement they need so they can still run around and play. The brand caters from babies 0months up to 14yrs old and the garments are not cheap and are probably not something you would be able to buy everyday but if your looking for a touch of luxury under the Christmas tree for your little one, this would be a very stylish choice. I am in love with the fashionable look-book. Please note this is NOT a sponsored post - I simply wanted to share this wonderful find with you.

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