Goodbye warm summer days....


Is seems like summer never started...and having recently read in the news that this year has been the wettest for 100 years no wonder. We have had the odd warm if only to remind us of the long summers we had in our youth. Whenever it's dry we try to head outside and we decided to explore the local area this time, walking past fields, over the railway and up near the mountain on a very pleasant route which allow Mr A to run around and be the silly energy filled toddler he is. You can already start to see the change of season in the leaves which are now starting the fall to the ground. The walk also gave us a change to wear somethings we haven't had the chance to wear - John rocked a Bathing Ape t-shirt and my little man was stylish in a Ben Sherman Polo and some new jeans form John Lewis and I got to try out my new Moroccan Bazaar bag

a bathing ape
Crossing the railway and walking up the forest path

wild flower field
Last of the summer days

Happy to be outside
designer bag
My new Morrocan Bazaar bag

sun light

Guess watch
Mr A wearing Ben Sherman Polo and John Lewis Jeans - I'm wearing a Bodens scarf, Next Top, Levis and Guess watch

smelling flowers
Smelling the flowers
Autumn leaves
Autumn is on it's way
welsh valleys
Father and son fun
Playing Peekaboo
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