The Birthday post - Part 1


So it's been a super busy week - as it's been birthday time all round in our house - with Mr A and I only a week apart. Mine is first and since having Arthur mine seems somewhat less important as I am running around like a mad person trying to sort out his party. John always surprises me with something to wear and I was not disappointed with my new Joules winter jacket with beautiful floral lining. He also booked me in for a haircut, which I really needed. My mother gave me a vintage leather bag that she picked up on a  recent holiday to Italy and I absolutely love it.

vintage leather bag
Wearing - Joules jacket, Forever Tee, Vintage bag, Topshop trousers, Dozzy and Dee brogues

Green outdoor jacket

 Even though I have still be under the weather John and I finally got to spend some quality time together - we had an amazing veggie meal at one of my favourite places in Cardiff - Milgi Bar - who also happen to make super tasty cocktails. After  supper we had a rare night out visiting 10 feet Tall, Soda Bar and all the regular Mill Lane bars. As I was not in favour of either of use being a desinated driver - even though I am quite boring and don't really drink that much - we decided to stay at Sleeperz - a super chic and stylish hotel that is not budget breaking - amazing- wish every city had this chain.

Our room at Sleeperz, Cardiff

In the morning we finally got the chance to try out Pettigrew Tea rooms in Bute park - it was just what we needed in the morning - freshly ground coffee, fresh orange juice and crumpets - although we didn't exactly warm to the 4 wasps that seem to take interest in my crumpet, they seemed to like the food as much as I did.

Me at Milgi bar the night before and John at Pettigrew the morning after
I cannot believe my little one is two, the time has flown by and what a crazy couple of days it has been, we had an amazing native american indian themed party - which will be shared in the next post.


  1. A very happy (belated) birthday to Mum and her dearest boy! My little girl turned 8 on the 21st :)

  2. Hope you had a wonderful day! I have yet to try Milgi or Pettigrew....especially looking forward to a cuppa at Pettigrew though, soon hopefully!

  3. Aw, Arthur is gorgeous! As is his mummy :)
    Love that handbag xo

  4. happy happy birthday to you guys!!! i love the hair, i love pixie cuts but am convinced my face would not look good in them :(

  5. Your new hair is pretty! I used to have mine like that and I think I'll go back to it one day but at the moment I love my heavy fringe too much :) I've just got the Joules coat in pink, love it. Hx


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