Birthday Post - part 2


So I am not going to go too much into Mr A's birthday but instead just highlight our day. We decided to go with an native American Indian theme as his main present was a tipi, which he loves and spends hours in - money well spent! I also have a pet-hate against children birthday parties where the food only consists of sugary treats, now not to say we didn't have some treats but I did spend the nights in the run up making healthy wholemeal gingerbread men, spelt flour brownies and sugar free banana and organic apricot muffins - which all went down very well. I have to admit though I am not much of a supreme cake maker but I do have a go and this year went for a strawberry victoria sponge that was by no means perfect in shape but tasted yummy so I was really happy with the outcome. It's always great to have a big party with friends and family and it ended up being a great weekend.

Strawberry Victoria sponge
Gingerbread and yummy cake

Mr A's new favourite den

Mens fashion
It's crazy how time flies by

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  1. Love the cake and the gingerbread - great theme.

    I am hosting a Party Party on Mums Make Lists for birthday party posts, pins and pics and would love for you to link up x


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