Birthdays and are the Best days.


So it was Johns birthday the other day - and how I do love birthdays as it's the perfect excuse to go shopping and treat the one you love (as well as yourself). I know alot of people say it's hard for them to find there other half a present but for me it's never an issue, John is an avid collector of clothes and shoes, books and films and he is constantly telling me things he would love to own, I simply lock those ideas away for those special times of the year such as Christmas and Birthdays. So as I mentioned Mojo King before, the mod shop in Cardiff - and I love supporting independent shops especially in such a fragile economical climate, I decided to get him a Fred Perry summer shirt from there.

John in a Fred Perry summer shirt
 Keeping on the Welsh theme he also got as pair of Meshpadrilles by Vera Shoes - Vera shoes where started by Welshman Neil Morris (former owner of Droogi). They are so well made and light and great for summer and if they made women's I would buy a pair - I love the colour as well.

So shoes and shirt done and just one more thing needed to complete a new outfit and that's a bag! I had been looking for a hold all for John for ages and we came across a Ralph Lauren one ages ago in House of Fraser and then never saw it again, but then the other day I was walking through boots and came across a really great bag with the new Polo scent and had to get it I am really impressed with the quality of it - well worth the £45.

So I always believe when treating others at whatever time of the year, be it Easter, New Years and someones engagement or birthday - you should not forget yourself and get something small to remind you that you yourself are special, So I have been wanting a decent strapless bra for a while and decided to go with Wonderbra Ultimate strapless from Lingerie Please which a lot of people have been raving about. Apparently it's dancing and jumping proof, stating "it stays up as long as you do". So a view of this product with follow soon to see who it copes with a whole day of active wear.

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