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So just a quick happy little post to show off my quirky ring John picked up for me from Topshop. It's a triple ring with little hearts on it and being gold it adds that little bit of bling on my fingers. Although I have already been stopped twice and asked if it's a knuckle duster - which ofcourse it is not.

Also the photoshoot I shot for buzz magazine is now out in various shops and bars in Cardiff so I was really happy when my copy came through the door - it's always such a great feeling to have work published :) Ohh my photography website is www.lcsphotographic.com


  1. Hey! I was looking around your blog and I saw that you like DIY projects! You might like my blog {live. love. craft.}, come check it out! And while you're there leave comment or follow me if you like it!

  2. It's gorgeous! And congratulations on getting your photoshoot being published. Cx

  3. That's cool that your work will be in Buzz Magazine. I think he chose a cool ring too!

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  4. Amazing. :)

    I love the ring. Recently, so many connected rings are being sold everywhere. I wonder when it started.

    <3 Grysh

  5. I must say you are a great photographer, but from you get ideas behind all these great picture. Love your blog. And the ring John brought is really very nice...


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