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 So on the weekend we had a bit of a Roath discovery - since we are thinking of moving to the area we thought we would have a walk around and ofcourse go to one of my favourite places Milgi Art Bar (a place I never get board of). But first off all we stopped of The Gate Arts Centre which houses the Mad Hatter Cafe - a place I have been past so many times  but have never gone in. Well first off all it's in a beautiful church and it has a really cool art gallery and the food was amazing plus the really welcoming staff means I will be back for sure.

John opted for the non veggie Pancakes with bacon - I was told it was good.

 After food we took a walk down Wellfield Rd which is fulled of unusual shops and you never know what you are going to stumble upon. John had been telling me about Mojo King for a while and was not disappointed when we went into this Mod Inspired Shop that stocks some really great brands like Fred Perry and Ben Sherman and P.S I wan this chair!!

Poka dots are back!

 After a long walk and a visit to the Roath Farmers market we ended with the Milgi it as always and thoroughly enjoyed their vegetarian share platter. I think the reason why I like this place so much is the ever changing art installations, it's canteen feel, the yurt in the garden and the fact that just because we have a baby we not discluded from this young and fun bar.

John rocking a Folk tee and his grandfathers 80's watch

 So last month I was involved with a group exhibition at Centrespace gallery in Bristol -I showed four photos in total and had a really great response. I have not finished my photography degree and I am looking for any type of commercial work so if your looking for a creative photographer have a look at my portfolio

Me trying to look cool with my prints haha

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