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So firstly let's get one thing straight if a person is making money from social media, whether that be through a blog, freelance writing, or creating content on social channels such as Instagram and tiktok etc, then that person is running a business, regardless of what kind of content this applies to travel, lifestyle, parenting creator and any other niche that charges to create content. They are offering their services for payment or some kind of compensation and the individual will need to be registered as self-employed. 

While you may not be selling a physical product, you are selling a service so as with any professional business owner you should consider taking out business insurance to protect yourself and your clients from unforeseen risks and honestly, it's just part of being professional within your industry. Regardless if you are taking out small business insurance to tradesman liability insurance, it's one of the first steps you should take when it comes to running your own business. 

Now many people may wonder why exactly a content creator or blogger may need business insurance. There are an increasing number of reasons why you need to have yourself covered and more companies are requiring it, in fact, I worked with a brand that needed me to be fully insured before signing the contract. 

Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider insurance if you make content. 

1. Brand collaborations can go wrong

My freelance bloggers and content creators rely on brand partnership campaigns and sponsored content as their main source of revenue. However, if you are promoting a product to your readers or audience and that product ends up being faulty or has false claims made about it and someone happens to get injured and cites your social media as the reason they used the product or service then you could be held liable to some degree.  

2.  Copyright infringement

If you even unknowingly used someone else's intellectual property in your content without the right permission and could face a fine or even be taken to court for intellectual property infringement. 

3.  Potential Cyber breach

Anyone who runs a business or offers services online is at risk of a data breach or cyber attack. Many social media-focused insurance plans offer protection for this and it's especially key for anyone who stores email addresses (such as a newsletter list) or personal details.

4. Breach of Contract

Sometimes life doesn't always go to plan and should something happen, even if it's out of your control and you fail to complete the contracted number of posts or content creation then you could risk being sued. The same would happen if a builder only built half your house and didn't complete the rest of the work.

These are just some of the examples, but a good content creator insurance package should also include general liability and protection against libel and slander, negligence, copyright issues, unauthorised access to your social media accounts and breaches of advertising codes.  If you need further information and why and how you should get content creator insurance that it's well worth reading this The Shelf article. 

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