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Not everyone likes being around people 24/7, or perhaps you don't stay the same place for long and prefer to travel, with many roles heading back to the office after having moved to work from home during the last few years, many. rather not have to compromise your introverted or nomadic ways for the sake of a job. In fact, there are plenty of career paths that lean well towards those that thrive in their own space or feel drained when working around others for hours on end. 

This post will take you through some of the best antisocial jobs that actually pay well.

Freelance writer

With more freelance copywriting roles, blogger positions and written content creator jobs available that allow you to work from home, this is a great option. If you're leaning more towards being an author, then a writer’s inspiration can come from silence. If you have a knack for writing and go the self-publishing route, your income is potentially uncapped.

Virtual Assistant

Other than the initial interview, there’s very little communication needed when it comes to virtual assistants. You can operate from something as simple as a Trello board, and work through weekly tasks that way. Whether it’s general admin, site updates or other things in between, the average virtual assistant doesn’t have to be uber-social to get by.

Audio Transcribing

All you need is a high level of English language and grammar skills, as a transcriber, you will need to listen to audio and type what is being said across a variety of subjects and you could be transcribing video captions, subtitles and notes. 

There are quite a few agencies you can work for. The faster you can type the better as you usually get paid per audio or per minute of video you need to transcribe and typing can often take you to double the time of the actual audio. 

Music producer

Music producer

Do you love music and have a passion for how it’s made? Whether you’re making beats, mixing vocals or getting involved with all the audio post-production process, you won’t need to be that social to make a career of it. 

Of course, a lot of artists work with their producers, but that doesn’t mean you need to be in the same room. There are countless artists working from home studios who outsource their production, making it a remote and antisocial-friendly career path. With the rise of TikTok, you could even create music on that platform and if it goes viral or you build a large audience you can create an income without having to leave your home. 

Video Editor

If you have an editing-savvy bone in your body and like to put things together, this may be the job for you. Imagine, there are countless clients you can work with. From editing simple corporate videos to streaming videos and even music videos. If you work independently you can essentially choose the types of clients that flow into your domain.

That being said, you’ll probably only need to be in contact to establish collaborations and review feedback. For an experienced music videographer, you can get paid thousands per project.

E-commerce manager

When you’re paid to solve problems, a good employer will just leave you to it. As an e-commerce manager, you control levels of stock, conversion rates, as well as other updates needed.

There’s an understandable amount of communication involved, but more or less you’re left to be your introverted self. Not to mention if you choose to go down your own road and start your own e-commerce business, you won’t have to answer to anyone.

Graphic designer

Other than for briefing and review processes, a graphic designer is pretty much left to their own devices. A perfect job for the tech-savvy, where you have unlimited potential.

From logos to flyers and post templates, graphic design will always be in fashion and can be done remotely without ever having to physically speak to anyone. Graphic designers can get paid £25k+ for a full-time profession. As a freelancer, logos can go for as much as hundreds or thousands with the right client.

Dog walker

For those who still love to be outdoors but rather spend their time in the company of four-legged friends than people, then a dog walker is a great job. Many are self-employed or run their own Dog walking businesses, meaning you can choose your hours and work with the dogs you choose. A great job for those who love the great outdoors but on their own time. 

Dog walker

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