Ways to access mental health services in 2022


mental health

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Life in 2022 can feel rather overwhelming, we have all been through an incredibly trying time, from lockdowns and coming to terms with living in a pandemic, to being unable to spend as much time with family and friends and now readjusting to this new normal, it can be a lot and for many of us, it's had an impact on our mental health. Unfortunately, the pandemic has also had a ripple effect on our health care facilities across the world, with waiting lists being longer than ever, this has been extended to mental health providers as well and I've felt this first hand.

My anxiety has flared up and I felt I needed to talk to someone, my first stop was my GP who was impossible to see in person and again waiting lists for therapy or counselling are months (if not years) long so seeking alternative services has been the only viable option. My son also had an accident earlier this year which has caused him some anxiety so getting the right support regardless of your age is important. 

There are a few different recommended and professionally approved online platforms offering virtual therapy sessions with qualified medical healthcare workers and while you need to pay for these services they are the quickest way to get in touch with someone and a few platforms offer discounts or take health insurance. 

Your first stop should always be your GP, there are free talking therapies and mental health support via the NHS although waiting times are long right now so here are some alternatives. 

mental health services

Reasonably priced private options

In the US, Headway is a great online platform that can connect you with the right therapist to talk to, often local, they offer online therapy that takes insurance and can also organise in-person sessions. 

In the UK we have Betterhelp which is an online service that matches you with a UK based health care professional for one to one virtual therapy sessions. You do need to pay for this service (around £40+ per week) but it can offer you the support you need while waiting for help via the NHS

Government-subsidised charities 

Mind.org.uk offers an array of information when it comes to finding the right support and putting you in touch with the right people. They also have hubs across the UK and there will usually be one fairly local to you. Many of their local hubs also offer free or subsidise counselling services so it's really worth getting in touch with them if you're looking for free or affordable talking therapies that may offer a quicker option than the NHS.

Local community groups

Many local communities organise events such as mental health walks and wellbeing mindlessness sessions. While it may take a little research to find one, places like Facebook and the Nextdoor app can be a good place to start to find local events taking place that can also offer a space for talking and meeting up with others. 

Free Silvercloud course

italk offer SilverCloud free of charge which is an interactive online course offering guidance and tools to help you. think and feel better. SilverCloud is based on CBT therapy and offers many activities to hlpe you make practical changes to your mood. It's aimed to help individuals suffering from mild to moderate symptoms of anxiety and depression and is designed to be able to fit in with your lifestyle. 

Free Helplines

In times of crisis, getting in touch with someone straight away to talk through a problem is essential and there are plenty of free helplines that are accessible 24hrs a day. I will put a list of a few of them below and remember if you need help don't be afraid or embarrassed to ask.

mental health

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