Getting on top of my health with a Superdrug Health Check


Superdrug Health Check

*AD I was kindly invited to try out the Superdrug Health Check free of charge in exchange for sharing my experience. 

A few weeks ago I was invited to try out The Superdrug Health test which is like a mini MOT for your body and involves a quick assessment with a Nurse and blood taken to help you discover more about whats going on inside your body. The sample is sent off to the lab the very same day and I actually received my results in around 30hrs which was incredibly quick! But before I get too much into that I thought I would walk you through the whole experience. 

Firstly you can book your Superdrug Health test online and it costs £159 which includes a health questionnaire with the nurse and a blood test that will be analysed against 44 common health markers including Kidney and Liver health, Cholesterol status, Iron Levels, Vitamins including B12, Vit D and folate and also checks for inflammation. 

The online booking process is fairly easy and you will be given a date and time and will have a reminder email before your appointment. My test took place in the centre of Cardiff which was easy to get to and the staff instore were very friendly and helpful, showing me the way to the small nurse's room at the back of the store.

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It is still preferred that everyone wears a mask, especially indoors and I would also advise taking a bottle of water to help keep you hydrated. 

Once it was my turn I was called in and sat down to answer a few questions with the nurses as well as discuss anything I was worried about. As I was feeling a bit nervous (I don't have an issue with blood but the last time I had an injection I felt faint) I let them know they were both very supportive and in fact, I didn't feel a thing when it came to taking the blood, they were very fast and efficient. 

The whole thing only took around 15 minutes and I was made to feel comfortable throughout. 

As I said I received my test results the next day which was incredibly quick and the test results are broken down into clear and straightforward summaries along with advice from trusted medical experts. The test showed that my Vitamin D was very low (which isn't that surprising living through a cold and long UK winter) as well as my Iron being under the ideal range. I have been advised to make an appointment with my doctor which I have done and I'm hoping that both my energy and overall wellbeing will improve now that I know exactly what I need to work on. 

The whole experience was really insightful, I feel I have a much clearer view of my overall health and how to improve it and I cannot fault the staff who were friendly and professional throughout. If you have niggling questions about your health or just want to have a more thorough check then this could be what you are looking for and is available to anyone over 16yrs old.

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  1. This is something I need to look at as not had my bloods checked for years, and probably could do with a check. It is great that you can now do this is Superdrug

  2. oh wow! You got your test results in less than 24 hours!!! This is awesome, I wish we have this in my city.

  3. I've never heard of this before. Sounds awesome. I wonder if we have something similar near us.

  4. I am long overdue for a check up! Something like this sounds quick and easy!

  5. This sounds like a very useful service and you get the results back so quickly. I would be interested to do a health check up.

  6. Tracking your health and getting checked is always necessary. I love how innovative health checks are nowadays.

  7. Having your results broken down in clear to read systems is so idea. I often find when I cannot read a result or report, I just decide it's not important, but it totally can be.


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