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We all know we need to make small (and big) changes to become more eco friendly as our planet earth simply cannot sustain the amount of waste and plastic humanity is currently creating and while big business & government policies across the world have a large part to play in helping to repair the earth, we also as individuals need to do what we can, within our financial means (for some it is without a doubt easier to be more ethical than others due to where you live, income etc) but there is usually some steps we can all make and many in fact can save you money in the longterm.

Here are a few doable things we should all be working towards changing

In the kitchen

An easy swap is ditching the tin foil and cling film and switching over to wax wraps - they last around a year, are easy to use and clean and do just as good of a job plus they are perfect for sandwiches, packed lunches and keeping things fresh in the fridge. There are plenty of indy makers on Etsy selling starter packs from around £5-£6

bees wax wraps

Ditch the straws - we all know straws are needless plastic we can do without and while some are willing to never use a straw again others are less inclined to give them up all together (my son being one of them) so having a reusable stainless steel pack in the kitchen is really useful. I got mine from The Clean Market which currently has them on sale for £5.50

Get to grips with food recycling - while I like to think most of us use our recycling bins for paper, cardboard etc, I'm always surprised by how many don't do food waste recycling. Did you know left over food that ends up in landfill rots, causing a negative impact on the environment by releasing methane however if can be put to good use if you recycle properly, just contact your local council for a free food waste bin. 

In the bathroom

Switch to reusable period products and make your periods a zero waste affair. I use a combination of reusable and washable pads from Bloom and Nora and wearable and washable leak free pants from Wuka, I find combining these two works well for me as some days I am more active than others and want more protection. I also occasionally used a reusable menstrual cup and this is the thing about reusable period products it's finding what works for you personally and while it does cost to purchase enough to get you through a period they last a very long time and save you from having to purchase monthly pads. Hey Girls make a very reasonably priced menstrual cup for £8 which I can personally recommend. 

Wuka wear

Make the switch to plastic free shampoo bars - not only are they zero waste but they last much longer than shampoo bottles saving you money in the long run. I made the switch a couple of years ago and won't go back, shampoo bars are also usually less filled with chemicals and not only better for the environment but also your hair. My personal favourites are Six foot and Clean and KinKind

Swap to a more sustainable toilet roll and buy in bulk to save money. While opting for recycled paper toilet roll in supermarkets is a step forward, there are a few companies that offer more sustainable and plastic free options in bulk, which makes them just the same or if not cheaper when you buy a box. The Cheeky Panda is a great bamboo based option & you can buy in sizes of 24 or 48 rolls all at less than £1 per roll. 

Switch to ethical skincare and perfume. While it can be tricky to go completely zero waste when it comes to skincare, what you can do is focus on switching to products that use less plastic packaging, are made in the UK, are vegan and cruelty free as well as trying to focus on products that use more natural ingredients are organic or palm oil free. A few I can recommend is upcircle and Green people and for a more accessible and budget friendly option I also love Botanics which can be found at boots. 

Dolma perfumes

When it comes to fragrances it can be tricker to find "kinder to the earth" options as may contain nasty chemicals, palm oil and unnecessary plastic packaging but I recently tried Dolma and it's a great alternative that offers high quality scents but in a more eco friendly way. All their fragrances are vegan, cruelty free, paraben and palm oil free and made in the UK and use minimal plastic packaging - I tried the Women's Discovery Set and it comes in cardboard packaging with small glass containers (they do have recyclable plastic lids but that was all). I am genuinely impressed with this brand so if your looking for a eco fragrance swap it's worth checking out Dolma. 

In the home

Reduce fast fashion purchases for thrifted ones. With more and more websites and apps offering easy ways to pick up vintage and thrifted clothing it's easier than ever and what one person may have worn only once means you can pick up a bargain and prevent it going to landfill. I love using Thrift+ as it has so many options - I've bought a jacket from their recently and I also send in my clothes I no longer need and when they sell they donate money to your chosen charity as well as gaining credits that you can use towards purchases. 

Swap to more energy efficient light bulbs, not only is this a more eco friendly choice but as we are all seeing our utility bills shoot up it's also a way to curve that as the less energy you use the better for our home and our pocket. 

Earth Breeze

Swap to a more eco friendly zero waste laundry products. There are a few really good options out there now, I've tried a few with one of my favourites being Earth Breeze biodegradable liquidness eco sheets as they come in zero waste packaging, is vegan and cruelty free and offers an effective plant powered clean and I've been really impressed with them.  Another great 100% natural option is Soap nuts (or Indian soap berries) which have an amazing natural detergent and cleaning essence contained in their shell - you can find them in most whole food type stalls. 

In the garden

If space allows why not have a go at growing some of your own veggies this year, not only is it a great way to use outdoor space but it feeds back into the environment, creates bee friendly spaces and is very rewarding for both adults and children. 

Create a wildlife friendly garden but hanging up bird feeders and bird boxes, creating bug hotels and some micro wild areas where you let the grass grow longer and leave undisturbed. 

Stop using harsh chemicals such as weed killer and slug killer, there are plenty of wildlife friendly natural alternatives that work just as well. 

grow your own

When out and about

Most of us have already taken these steps but always having a reusable water bottle, coffee cup or both on you will directly reduce your use of single use cups or bottles and most independent coffee shops offer a discount for those who use their own cups. My favourite are Keep Cups as they last a really long time and are light to carry. 

I also carry a small jute bag or small shopping bag in my daily backpack or bag, meaning I am never caught out when I pop into shops. All supermarkets here in Wales charge for shopping bags in the hopes people re-use them. It's so easy to forget so having one in your bag or the boot of your car means you will have one close at hand. 

Have regular car-free days. My kids and I try to reduce our use of our car, sometimes that's impossible as public transport near us isn't always the most reliable but we walk and cycle a lot and if you drive to work maybe try form a carpool or shared lift scheme - not only does this reduce the amount of cars on the road but will also help the huge increase in petrol prices. 

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  1. Myself and both of my daughters have been using period pants and reusable sanitary towels for a year now. It makes so much more sense!

  2. Really great ideas and tips, that perfume sounds amazing, it's really hard to find more natural based, vegan options and also swapping to ethical period products - great way to reduce plastic

    Jenny x

  3. You're absolutely right, these are very small changes that can make a huge difference.

  4. These are all good, and relatively easy swaps that can make a huge difference. I only use reuseable cotton pads and buds now and I waste a lot less. I do want to get some period pads though as they look so convenient x

  5. These are helpful ideas! I love to use washable period pads. It's easy to use and very comfortable.

  6. I'd love to try that discovery set. I am huge on perfumes lately.

  7. I tried laundry sheets once and the brand I tried really sucked. I will have to try this brand, and hopefully will make the full switch.


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