6 Gifts that celebrate inclusivity and equality


Lego everyone is awesome

We live in such a wonderful and diverse world, with so many cultures, languages, experiences and stories, these things should be shared, encourage and celebrated. Encouraging diversity and equality in our homes should be a priority, I know it is for me and for my son's, as I would like to see them grow up in a better more inclusive world and that extended to as much of our life as possible, including the gifts we give over the festive period. So I thought I would share a small selection of gift ideas that help encourage this. 

1. Lego - Everyone is Awesome 

I absolutely love this Lego set that celebrates positivity and kindness in our families, our communities and our world as well as the power of playing together. This set was designed by Matthew Ashton, lego's Vice president of design and also a member of the LGBTQIA+ community who wanted to do more to create visibility and that everyone is welcome when it comes to lego, no matter your background, race, age, gender and who your love. 

inclusive books

2. Little Box of Books - the inclusive children's book company

The little box of books puts together one-off gift boxes as well as subscriptions with a focus on inclusivity for kids and I think their whole ethos and concept is fantastic. We recently tried out one of their boxes and it came with 4 great books that both of my boys loved and have asked me to reread on a few occasions. The boxes also come with some additional activities and a little treat along with free postage and best of all for every monthly subscription of books they donate an additional book to their charity partner Doorstep Library. 

inclusive peg dolls

3. Inclusive Peg Dolls

These inclusive peg dolls are great for kids who love creative and open role play. They are hand-painted, made in the UK and their aim is to promote inclusivity and encourage understanding regardless of gender, skin tone, religion or ability and they made a great addition to any role play station. 

Have pride

4. Have Pride - An inspirational history of the LGBTQ+ movement

This is a great book for teens and a way to learn together more about the LGBTQ+ movement and history from around the world in an informative, comprehensive and age-appropriate way. It covers important events such as the Stonewall riots and AIDS crisis as well as the brave individuals and groups who have fought discrimination and helped to break down barriers. 

Colour me crayons

5. Colour Me - Skin tone crayons

It's important when children are creative and want to explore their artistic side, that they have the right tools to do that and reflect the wonderfully diverse world we live in. These skin colour crayons mean everyone can be represented and included. Colour Me is a pack of 12 non-toxic, vegan crayons and for every pack bought Colour Me is donating 5% of their profits towards helping underprivileged children in South Africa. 

Rebel girls

6. Goodnight stories for Rebel girls Postcards

Based on the bestselling book, this pack of 50 postcards celebrate amazing women from across the world who have changed history, who are pioneers, leaders, warriors and have broken down barriers. Each postcard is a work of art, with a short bio of each woman, alongside powerful quotes, you can either send them or display them. This would be a perfect gift for your favourite feminist in your life.  

This is just a small selection but I hope it's given you some inspiration when it comes to buying meaningful gifts this year. 


  1. Love the skin tone crayons - I will have to get those for my daughter. Also we are big fans of the Rebel Girls collection of books.

  2. Some great inclusive gifts here. I love the lego and that set is so cool x

  3. Six fabulous gifts indeed and what a great selection! I love Colour Me - Skin tone crayons as it teaches kids from a young age that we are all different but the same

  4. I think the colouring set with the different skin colour options is great for kids. It's important to allow them to express themselves and have the right tools as you said.

  5. I love these gift ideas, I am all for gifting inclusive gifts, great idea...

  6. Oh these are great gifts! I love the message and meaning behind them. The crayons are beautiful idea.

  7. There are so many good gifts in this guide! I love the idea of the peg dolls.

  8. Thanks for sharing these great gift ideas! They all look like they'd be perfect.

  9. Wow what a beautiful list of gifts! Glad to see the world being more open minded

  10. These are all beautiful gifts that anyone can enjoy. Thank you ;)

  11. Such thoughtful gift ideas! I am sure kids would love these gifts ❤️

    Everything Enchanting ❤️

  12. All of these are so cute but the wooden peg dolls are just lovely.


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