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Like most people, I am nervous about the rising costs of heating which is only going to add strain to what has already been a stressful year. We all like to be able to save and have extra money to spend on things we love such as travel and weekends away but if you don't stay on top of your gas and electricity this year you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. 

There are however some easy and budget-friendly things you can do to keep those heating bills down this winter and I thought I would share a few with you. 

1. Wrap up warm

While this may seem obvious, many people want to be able to walk around their home in a t-shirt all year round but as the temperature drops instead of jumping straight to the heating switch, first put on a jumper or fleece jacket and get yourself moving. I always have chores and jobs around the house and as soon as I've done some vacuuming I no longer feel cold. Also by wearing a fleece when you do put on the heating you will feel warmer quicker and won't need to put it on for as long. Also using thicker blankets and duvets as well as rugs on the floor can all help to keep you feeling warmer and cosier for longer. 

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2. Block out draughts

We all have areas of the home that feel colder than others and this could be down to a draught (I have this with my back door and one of my living room windows). A simple solution to this is a draught excluder and you could try making your own and for very little cost and you could even turn in into a fun family craft such as this one from The Guardian

3. Lower your Thermostat

Did you know that lowering your thermostat by one degree saves around 3% on your fuel bill - such an easy thing to do and can really help you to save a few pounds. Many people have theirs set at 21 degrees although Public Health England suggests 18 degrees which means by lowering it to 18 you could save over 10% on your heating bill.


4. Get your boiler serviced

The worst thing is having your boiler break down in the middle of winter and I know as it's happened to me (in fact 5 days before Christmas). The one way you can prevent that from happening is by making sure you get your boiler serviced around every 12 months to ensure it's running efficiently and safely. You do need to make sure it's done by a reputable servicing company such as Toasti whose engineers are all NICEIC approved and Gas Safe registered engineers. 

5. Bleed your radiators

It's recommended that your bleed your radiators around once a year as this ensures that they work properly and prevent air from getting trapped inside them because when they do it stops the warm water from circulating around the radiator leading to the radiator being cold at the top and hot at the bottom and unable to efficiently heat your home. Here is an easy step by step youtube video to show you how to do it.


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