6 Educational Gifts for Kids



*AD I was sent PR samples of some of these gifts, no payment & was not asked to include them in any lists - these are my own genuine recommendations 

When it comes to Christmas I always try to find a balance of fun, practical and educational toys for my boys especially as I always aim to bring purposeful things into the home. So I thought I would put a small gift guide of a few gifts I have come across lately that I feel ticket the educational box while still making lovely presents. 

1. Welcome to Planet Earth Book £11.99

This is a wonderfully inspiring and positive book to share with children that look back on Earth's history while looking forward to a greener future and taking the reader on a journey exploring all the possibilities life and the planet hold. 

Planet Earth

2. GeoMag Mechanics Gravity

These Mechanics kits combine STEM engineering concepts, creativity, problem-solving and fun and take the normal marble run to new levels. These swiss made kits can also be joined together and expanded so the possibilities are neverending and what is also great to see is that they use 74% recycled plastic. 

3. I'm A Genius 4 Sciences Kit £19.99

This science kit is packed with 4 very different activities, meaning there will be something to spark a real interest in Science from palaeontology, chemistry, minerals and botany. This kit is great for kids 8yrs+ and it has everything you need including measuring cups, test tubes, protective goggles and gloves as well as chemistry tools, a mineral block to excavate, a t-rex to build and seeds to grow. You can order this online from Toys and Bears.

Genius 4 Sciences

4. Timberkits

Timberkits is a Welsh company that makes world-famous wooden automata kits which are perfect for young children through to adults with a variety of ability levels. They offer an array of magical moving characters and themes that you. help bring to life while grasping basic engineering concepts while also working with natural organic materials. All the products are made in the UK and are plastic free so they make for fantastic eco-friendly gifts. 

5. Word Fever by Tomy £19.99

Are you ready for a fast pacing word game that is not only fun but educational and also suitable for adults and children so you can play this together? You get 1 topic, 1 letter and a total of 12 seconds to find the right word. Its use of artificial intelligence means the device adapts to the player's age and strengths so all players of different levels can play together. The device also provides hours of entertainment as it offers over 300+ topics and 3000 questions so you won't get bored quickly. 

6. The Adventurers Activity Journal by BookBlock £14.99

This activity book is packed with ideas to foster fun and creativity for children aged around 4-9, although I know 11yr will love this journal so it's dependent on your child. It's 192 interactive learning pages which are beautifully illustrated and brings together geography, travel inspiration, facts and games that will inspire the most curious of minds. It's also worth mentioning that this journal has been created by an early childhood education specialist and the covers can be personalised which is a lovely added touch. 

Adventure journal

Of course as always I believe that any toys that encourage play outdoors are educational in themselves and there is an array of choices, from sports kits such as cricket sets and football nets to skipping ropes and cars, Wowow toys have a great selection. 

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