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house plant

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After the year we have had, for many. of us, our priorities have changed, for me personally, less is always more and finding gifts for friends and family that are meaningful, practical and reusable is key. So I thought I would share a few fun and unique last-minute gift ideas.

1. Affirmation cards from Mal Paper

This 52 affirmation card deck is to help inspire daily affirmation practice and this small change can help you start the day the right way and encourage happiness and productivity. I also love how pocket size friendly this is and could make the perfect gift for friends and family (or even yourself) who have been struggling a little bit over the past year. 

acacia wood

2. Natural Acacia Wood Mug from The Clean Market

I'm in love with these beautiful handcrafted acacia wooden mugs and I have ordered myself another 3 so I can have a set of them. If your looking to make your kitchen a more sustainable and plastic-free space then these mugs are perfect as they are suitable for hot and cold drinks, are natural and robust and of course water-resistant as well as being naturally antibacterial - a win-win all round. 

3. Find time for calm with Moment Pebble

Are you interested in mastering mindfulness or just want to have something that prompts you to take a moment for yourself when life gets too stressful? Well, the moment pebble can help to reduce stress and anxiety in 30 seconds and is great for those who have a busy lifestyle but need quick moments for time out. The moment pebble gets you in the habit of having short mindful micro-pauses throughout the day which can have a huge difference to your wellbeing. 

moments pebble

4. Create a family heirloom with the gift of silver

If your looking for something particularly special or you have a bigger budget and want to invest in an item that will stay within your family for a long time then check out AC Silver large collection of jewellery and homewares that while yes are more expensive are going to last a very long time. The owner Andrew personally handpicks all the items using his vast experience and their catalogue includes antique and vintage pieces as well as new. They also offer a 10yr Diamond guarantee with free annual clean

5. House plant subscription from Beards and Daisies

Now in all honesty who wouldn't want a month house plant subscription? I know I would and Beards and Daisies offer just that, a new house plant (minimum 12cm) and a ceramic pot to your front door each month and they even do a pet-friendly subscription as well. We all know that many house plants help to clean the air in our home as well as being very pretty to look at. Beards and Daisies is also committed to being sustainable with 95% of their packaging either biodegradable or recyclable

house plant


  1. The monthly plant subscription is something different to gift. I love that you get something different each month too.

  2. The plant is gorgeous and as you said, an amazing last minute gift...

  3. Affirmation cards are a good gift. I love giving and receiving them. Plants are lovely too. I usually propagate my pretty plants and put them in nice pots to give to friends and family during Christmas time.

  4. These gifts are all so beautiful. That wooden mug especially is outstanding!

  5. Silver gifts within family members is a wonderful choice.I like receiving them ;)

  6. These are some pretty unique gifts to give. I really love the whole moment pebble for calm gift idea.

  7. That wood mug is amazing. I would literally love to drink out of that daily!


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