Lockdown Hair Care - 5 Causes of Dry Hair & What to do


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Many of us are desperate to get to the hairdresser after months of lockdowns and restrictions but there are plenty of ways to keep on top of our locks in the meantime. Dry hair can be a nuisance. It looks dull and is more brittle which increases the chances of you breaking it, causing split ends and making it hard to achieve a workable style that you want. In fact, dry hair can even damage your self-confidence.

Fortunately, it’s not something that you have to live with. Once you know the five most common causes of dry hair you’ll be able to take steps to avoid or prevent these things from happening.

Over Use of Heat Styling Tools

Moisture is trapped in your hair by a protective coating of oil. This prevents the moisture from escaping and drying out your hair. However, heat evaporates the oil and the moisture from your hair which can be a risk when using heat styling tools such as your hairdryer and straightening tongs. These can strip the moisture which isn't ideal if you're using them every day, preventing your hair from being able to put the moisture back properly.

By simply cutting back on the use of heat styling tools will help, as will lowering the temperature of the tools.

The Wrong Products

Hair is surprisingly sensitive. That’s why one hair product can be perfect for one person and not for another. Using the wrong product can, at times, damage your hair’s ability to retain moisture and in turn cause you dry hair.

Instead of looking for one specific product, choose a range, such as this selection of purple shampoo products. You’ll then have the perfect product for every occasion, regardless of your hair type.

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Washing Your Hair Too Much

We all want our hair to look clean and silky but washing it every day can be too much for it. When you wash it you’ll be removing the natural oils on your scalp which protect your hair. This will make it appear dry. In addition, washing every day increases the risk of you damaging your hair, it's most fragile when it’s wet.

Try washing it every other day, you’ll be surprised at the difference and can say goodbye to dry hair. If you need to you can use dry shampoo on the days you’re not washing it.

Bleaching Products

You probably already know that bleach is not good for your hair. It strips it of colour and will quickly dry it out. What you may not realize is how many hair products contain bleach, as well as your hair dyes. Take a look at the ingredients and often ones with bleach in, it will reduce the likelihood of you having dry hair.

Environmental Issues

Finally, you should be aware that pollutants in the air, the sun’s rays, and various other environmental factors can affect your hair, causing it to dry out. It can be difficult to avoid all these environmental contaminants.

But, it is possible to reduce exposure by using protective products, wearing hats, and even avoiding certain places. You’ll need to check the environmental contaminants in your area but it’s worth doing.

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