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The past 12 months have not been easy for anyone with the pandemic affecting everyone's lives in one way or another. The majority of us have spent more time at home, reduced our travel and contact with others and at times it's felt like we have been stuck in groundhog day with multiple lockdowns in the UK. As we move towards a more positive future and hopefully a bit more normality we need to remember even this transition will take time and is likely to be a fairly slow process. So staying creative and trying new things (safely) can be a real boost for our mental and physical wellbeing in 2021 as we still fund ways to adjust to what is happening in our lives at the moment. 

I thought I would share 10 creative activities to help as we move out of lockdown slowly 

1. Visit an Art Gallery from the comfort of your own home

There is nothing more inspiring than a visit to an art gallery or museum although many of these have been closed to the public for the majority of the past year. You can have a virtual stroll around the National Gallery in London or take in Andy Warhols collection at the Tate, among many others online. 

2. Pick up a paintbrush or sketchpad 

When was the last time you sat outside and sketched a drawing with pencil and paper? Or got creative with some watercolour painting? Well now is as good a time as ever and painting can be such a boost for your mental wellbeing as well as being a relaxing way to spend an hour or two and can help to get your creative juices flowing for bigger projects


3. Practise meditation and mindfulness

Did you know that mindfulness and meditation can actually enhance your creativity as well as improve your general wellbeing, regulate emotions and focus which can be really important when it comes to decision making as well as improving productivity. Of course the more regularly you find time for mindfulness and mediation the better. 

4. Learn a Language for Free

There are some fantastic apps out there for learning new languages, with my personal favourite being Duolingo as it's so easy to use and only requires about 5-10mins per day to grasp the basics. 

5. Create a digital product to sell

With online creative businesses booming at the moment, now could be the right time to start your own, such as selling prints, personalised cards or journals and you really only need some basic design knowledge and creativity to get going. Using free platforms such as Canva can be a big help or purchasing handwriting fonts from Font Bundles to help customise your designs and bring a professional look to them. 

digital print

6. Upcycle furniture

We all have at least one piece of furniture that could do with some updating and with us spending more time in and around our homes than ever, now is a good time to set yourself a project, big or small doesn't matter and best of all you can get creative as you want so why not take a gander on Pinterest for some inspiration. 

7. Share your stories

Are you a natural storyteller? Or want to be? Then why not set up your own blog or try your hand at writing a children's book or novel. You never know where it may lead and you could try self-publish your stories. With the world becoming increasingly digital now is the perfect time to find a platform to share your stories. 

8. Learn to cook a new dish

No matter if you prefer savoury or sweet why not have a go at cooking something completely new to you. Maybe you have come across a challenging bake or cake technique you want to have a go at? I've tried a few new dishes during the past lockdown, some with great success and others a complete flop but it's all apart of the learning process. 


9. Take an online course and learn a new skill

Maybe you want to improve your CV or hone your skills in one subject or learn something completely new to you - either way, there are plenty of free courses online you can take today, in the comfort of your own home. Check out Future Learn and Udemy as they offer plenty of free or low-cost courses by professionals in their field. 

10. Enjoy a good old fashioned games night

When was the last time you got all the board games out? Whether you have children or not, board games as always a lot of fun and a great way to focus and switch off from screens. If your experiencing lockdown on your own then why not try a spot of jigsaws and puzzles which are seeing a surge in popularity at the moment. 

I hope this gives you some ideas and perhaps a little inspiration during these strange times we are living in, that we can still be creative, learn new things and have fun. 


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