8 reasons to embrace gardening



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Outdoor spaces, whether in our own home or community based, feel more essential than ever as they can offer us a space to relax and decompress and step away from everything that is going on in the world right now. I have always enjoyed spending time in my small garden, it's brought me a lot of focus over the past 12 months so I thought  I would share 8 ways that gardening can positively impact your life, as well as the people and world around you. 

1.It Improves Wellbeing

It’s well-known that gardening – plus spending time in the fresh air and being close to nature – is beneficial to mental health. Gardening can help people suffering from anxiety, depression and bereavement, and living near green spaces can reduce mental distress. Some GPs are even starting to prescribe gardening for rehabilitation. This includes community gardens which encourage people to make new social connections and improve their wellbeing.

2. It Let's You Be Creative, Organised and Purposeful

Gardens offer a creative outlet where you can design your own space, plan and organise how it will change throughout the year, and take control over what you want to grow and how you want it to suit your needs. By being organised you can make the most of your outdoor space, you can make an area for gardening, growing your own veg and even if space allows you could install outdoor gym equipment that lets you exercise while enjoying the fresh air – an affordable, long-term alternative to gym subscriptions. You can also play sports such as football, padel and badminton in the sunshine and soak up vitamin D to promote healthy teeth and bones.

3. It's great for fitness

Not only is gardening itself good weight-bearing exercise, but gardens provide areas to work out in that can’t be found indoors. If you have space you can put a yoga mat outsides and enjoy exercising in the fresh air – an affordable, long-term alternative to gym subscriptions plus a great way to top up your Vitamin D. 

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4. It's perfect for the whole family

Gardening has no age limit and everyone can get involved, from toddlers to grandparents and planting a garden together can be so fulfilling. Also designing an outdoor space that can be used by friends and family allows for my quality time with loves ones as well and can become a multi-functional space for enjoying hobbies such as painting, bird watching and social family gatherings such as barbeques. A garden and gardening is especially great for spending time with the kids, who can play and get closer to nature, but make sure they stay safe when they’re outside in the sun.

5. They Have a Positive Impact on Wildlife and the Environment

Gardens are incredible places that benefit the world around us and have a positive effect on the environment. They provide habitats and shelter for wildlife and preserve important ecosystems to prevent imbalances in nature. Many plants like wildflowers let pollinators thrive, and gardens can be made even more supportive to wildlife by setting up anything from woodpiles for hibernation areas to bird feeders to nourish our feathered friends. Carbon is absorbed and stored by plants and trees in particular which then give out oxygen so we can breathe!

6. You Can Reap The Rewards of What You Grow

Growing produce in the garden means that you can enjoy saving money on food bills in the long-term. Caring for plants and watching them grow is incredibly satisfying too, and yields tasty results! Plus, who wants to purchase bouquets from a shop when you can display flowers in your home that have been freshly cut from your back yard?  Growing your own will also reduce your carbon footprint too; doing this instead of buying food from supermarkets means that you create less waste from packaging, and the food that you eat hasn’t had to travel long distances involving large carbon emissions to get to your plate. To be successful at growing your own you need to make sure your veggies get enough water so do ensure that everything is working and in good condition and that you don't need a sprinkler repair and if you do get it done early in the season. 

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7. They Teach Kids About Our Planet

Gardening can help teach children about wildlife and the environment first hand and how the natural world grows and changes, as well as the impact that they can have on all of these things. Being closer to nature can also encourage kids to be curious and caring and can support their school learning in areas including science and art.

8. It Can Be Enjoyed All Year Round

There’s something to be experienced in gardens in every season, whether it’s growing plants from seed in the greenhouse in the winter or enjoying picnics in the summer. And, as long as you have a sheltered area, you can enjoy them in all weathers too. Shade sails offer protection from rain and UV rays and come in a wide range of colours and shapes to suit your space. They’re perfect for covering a comfortable seating area where you can relax outdoors. Take a look at the shade sail uk range from A&S Landscape if you’re interested in this versatile product.

Gardens offer us a myriad of benefits, and there’s no doubt that they’re important parts of our daily lives. So, no matter the time of year, get outdoors and enjoy them with your family and friends as much as you can!


  1. Absolutely. And I love picking the fruits of my labor. Hehe

  2. My family and I really enjoyed planting a lot. Since the start of the pandemic, we started to plant egg plant, squash, tomatoes, onion, garlic and cabbage. We are so thankful because we are now harvesting what we planted.

  3. I want to love gardening but I get so easily distracted. I'm lucky my houseplants are still alive!

  4. I love to garden! I have a Tower Garden for my veggies and leafy greens and love it!!!!

  5. I do like that you can reap the benefits of what you grow. I think it would be wonderful to grow a garden.

  6. It's super exciting to reap what you sow. I can't wait to garden again.

  7. LOVE this article! Gardening is so wonderful for the body, mind, and spirit. It's marvelous to plant and harvest your own food and is a great learning experience for the whole family.

  8. Gardening is really a healthy and fulfilling activity that the whole family can enjoy together, but it will also help your kids develop new skills. From planting and garden walling to growing their own food gardening helps teach children the importance of being organised, whilst reinforcing assertiveness.


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