How we can help Keep Wales Safe as kids return to school



*This is a paid partnership with the Welsh Government 

Many parents across Wales are feeling both excited and anxious as children across the country slowly start to head back to school or formal activity settings and hopefully some small sense of normality during this unsettled time. 

We all know what a boost it is for children's mental health to see their friends again, interact and engage with their peers and teachers in an in-classroom or group setting alongside the benefits this will have on their education. Saying that we are still very much in the early days of the vaccination roll out and it's still essential we do our part to keep the infection rate as low as possible and help to not only keep our kids safe but also friends, family and teachers. 

While I don't have a return date for my children they will, when safe, start to socialise with others, friends or in a group setting eventually and these guidelines apply to everyone. 

I am working alongside the Welsh Government to help clarify what we as parents still need to do during this time of change as our parental role is really important in making sure we see a safe and sustainable return to school and in-classroom education, especially as schools and staff have been working hard to make schools as safe as possible

There are six key precautions we should all still be taking for the foreseeable future.

1. Do not send a child to school if they are feeling unwell, whether or not its the Coronavirus.

2. If possible continue to work from home

3. During school drop off and pick up social distancing needs to take place with other parents and chatting or socialising should be kept to a minimum. 

4. Do not arrange playdates in your home with other children or parents even if they are in your school bubble.

5. Do not share lifts to school or other activities unless you have no other choice. 

6. Continue to encourage the importance of handwashing and make sure your child washes their hands regularly. 

While children, in general, are not an at-risk group they can easily spread the virus on to someone who is more vulnerable. I know we are all feeling fatigued from the continuous restrictions but we have made some real gains in Wales in the fight against the pandemic and we all want the same goal at the end of the day, to have longer sustained normality for ourselves and our children and there is far more chance of this being achieved if we continue to be careful and take precautions.

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  1. This is the first week back for my children, my daughter only went yesterday as she is at high school. So far, I feel that the schools are doing everything to keep them feeling safe.

  2. I really hope that we can all work together to keep our children safe in school.

  3. Such important points. I get worried that people are starting to relax too much and we all still need to keep our eyes on the prize if we want to get out of this mess this year.

  4. These are important tips to consider and I know people want to return to the office but think of others.


  5. I admire you a lot, here all schools have closed again and by now in Italy our young people and children are depressed, they become isolated and mental illnesses are increasing.

  6. I wish I could send my daughter back to school, but she has 2 chronic health issues so she and her sister will be staying home.

  7. I wish I could send my daughter back to school, but she has 2 chronic health issues so she and her sister will be staying home. -Elle

  8. I wish I could send my daughter back to school, but she has 2 chronic health issues so she and her sister will be staying home.

  9. Fingers crossed that we are on the brink of getting everybody back together safely.

  10. My daughter is still doing at home learning but she will return next year. I hope everything is more normal then.

  11. You made some really important points. These are all things we try to do in my country to try to flatten the curve.

  12. Kao went back to school on Monday after 15 weeks at home - I am really happy with the measures the school has in place and hope they are not off again x


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