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I know we are in the height of summer but if your hoping to hit up the slopes this coming winter season now is the time to start thinking ahead and looking at what deals are about now because before you know it things will start to book up and prices will be on the increase. Planning in advance can have some serious positives when it comes to getting a good deal as we all know how expensive an alpine adventure can be and for many it's a once in a lifetime kind of trip.

Whether you are planning to snowboard or ski on a solo adventure, as a couple or as a family now is the time to start looking as travel companies are already starting to advertise deals with many offering great deals such as free lift passes, discounts and low deposits. I've been lucky to go on a ski holiday with my parents when I was younger to Austria and then again on a snowboarding trip during my University days to Tignes in France and it's something I would love to share with my kids but it's simply a trip I've not yet been able to organise usually down to leaving it too late in the season to organise so I am trying to be more on top of things this year.

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If you need to be convinced at all as to why a winter ski holiday is worth it here are a few reasons why you should consider one

1. There is something for everyone - while I am naturally very outgoing and love to try new sports and activities, my mother, on the other hand, is not. So when they took my brother and I on a ski holiday my mother instead explored the local village and town, enjoying the local food and culture and having some much-needed relaxation time while we hit the slopes.

2. Get into Nature and the Great outdoors - a holiday in the mountains is such a fantastic opportunity to spend a whole week connected to nature, in the fresh air, away from screens, doing something that is fun and active. Even toddlers can learn how to ski as part of a ski school so it's great for an active family-friendly holiday.

3. Learn a new skill - learning how to ski or snowboard is such a fantastic skill and one you can bring home with you and carry on as most cities in the UK have either a dry slope or indoor slope near them. In fact I went dry slope snowboarding at Cardiff Ski Centre a few months back and had a blast. This means if you kids really enjoy themselves they can come home and continue to improve on their skills.

4. Great for Fitness and Wellbeing - Skiing and Snowboarding is great for cardiovascular fitness and can get that feel-good endorphin going from a day out on the slopes. Being in the fresh air is also proven to have positive effects on your overall wellbeing and can be a great way to de-stress, especially if you have a hectic and manic lifestyle.

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A ski or snowboard holiday is also one that you simply won't forget and I look back fondly on my childhood as it being on the highlights when it comes to holidays and adventures we had. There is something truly magical about staying in the mountains, playing in the snow and spending time on the slopes, no matter what your skill level. If your looking for a few more reasons to go then check my other blog post on why a Ski holiday should be on your radar.

So when it comes to booking a family ski holiday here are some great tips to making the whole process a whole lot easier

1. Book in Advance - not only can you save money but this will also reduce stress. Research before you go, know your dates, what to expect and cost means you can plan as much in advance as possible. You can also take advantage of specials such as free lift passes or early-bird discount off your booking. Also going with a reputable company to find a cheap ski deal to the Alps, one that creates really good family packages is very important and means that you will be looked after during the whole holiday.

2. Choose a Family-Friendly Ski Resort and Hotel - it's really important to do as much research beforehand as possible to make sure the resort and hotel you choose is family-friendly and has all the facilities you need such as nursery slopes, child-free restaurants and things like high chairs.

3. Get kitted out frugally - booking a ski holiday in advance means you can hunt for some good winter clothing bargains early. Asking around with friends who have kids of a similar age may have some ski goggles and winter clothing you can borrow. Also, retailers such as Aldi and Lidl do some really good quality winter clothing in the run-up to winter. Another option is going to ebay for good quality second gear or you can simply hire clothing at the resort.

4. Do consider All-Inclusive - now I normally would never say this, in fact, my kids and I have never done an all-inclusive holiday as I being the control-freak I am, like to plan and book everything individually. But when it comes to a ski holiday having some of the finer details sorted beforehand can make for a much more stress-free holiday. Consider having a package with ski passes, lessons, accommodation all included - you can usually opt for self-catering, full or half board which still gives you some freedom.

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You can also keep costs down by opting for lesser-known ski destinations such as Slovenia and Bulgaria which are great for families, some may not have as many advanced runs but they all offer more than enough for a family ski trip or those returning to the slopes are a few years break.

If a Ski holiday really is out of reach this year then why not consider a weekend to one of the indoor ski slopes in the UK, that have real snow and even activities such as tobogganing and snowmen building, plus you can visit all year round.

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  1. My husband and I didn't take to skiing, but we did both love being up in the mountains. You've inspired me to bear a snow break in mind. Love your frugal tips.

  2. I've never been on a real winter holiday before but I'd really like to. Thanks for the tips.

  3. We have never actually done a winter holiday before. I love the idea of somewhere magical like Lapland!

  4. I’ve never been on a classic winter holiday before, I don’t know how to ski or snowboards I have a terrible sense of balance. I love a of though!

  5. I have nevwr experienced winter cause im in a tropical country,butit muat really be soo fun

  6. Winter holidays sounds like an amazing way to vacation for sure. Also so many beautiful photo opportunities too xx


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