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I feel really lucky that I had the chance to go skiing and snowboarding as a child with my family and then again will in University, it's such a fantastic experience and something I am really keen to do with our kids. While I love a challenge, being active and enjoy being in nature, John is not overly keen on getting on the slopes, he will have a go but rather explore the local towns and villages taken in the culture of mountain living, but thats the thing I really feel a skiing or snowboard break offers something for everyone and all ages. So I thought I would share a few suggestions and ideas on getting you in the mood because even though we are in summer now you need to plan something like this in advance.

If you don’t know how much you are going to like skiing then you don’t want to break the bank booking an expensive ski holiday. But how are you going to find out if Skiing is your next favourite dream break? What kind of person enjoys this kind of holiday anyway?

There may be some cheap ski deals to be had where you can try it out for yourself, but is it for you? The truth is anyone can enjoy a ski holiday but it might not be everyone’s favourite thing to do during a break. From families and groups to couples looking for a romantic but adrenalin fuelled break. Here are some examples of the qualities a person who loves to ski may have.

For those who need to destress

It is well known that exercise can help to reduce stress and anxiety. That along with the fresh mountain air makes a ski break the perfect combination for those who need to destress. Getting out in the mountains and enjoying some outdoor activities can have a positive impact on you and those around you too.

Ski resorts not only offer excellent outdoor activities but provide some great ways to relax too. Spas, saunas and beauty and health treatments will help you to relax and unwind after a day enjoying the mountains. After your ski break you will feel relaxed, reset and ready to take on the world again after your return home.

For the fitness lovers

If you are an exercise junkie and love the outdoors then you might already know a ski break is for you. Spending all day on the slopes can take its toll, but for the super fit you’ll want to get out there day after day. If working out is your thing you’ll have plenty of things to do on a ski break. Not only skiing but other activities like kayaking, hiking and ice skating will keep you busy.

After a long day of busy activity, a chalet or ski hotel is the perfect place to relax. With spas and treatments available in your resort you can rest those aching muscles and maybe even treat yourself to a massage.


For the social type

Have you ever heard of Après ski? Of course you have, if you love socialising then you’ll love the bar and restaurant scene on a ski resort. Work hard on the slopes and play even harder after, ski resorts are some of the most social places to enjoy whilst you are on holiday. In resorts such as Les Gets in the French Alps the Après Ski scene is thriving.

If you stay in a chalet with other guests it will be like no other holiday experience. Share dinner and drinks with like-minded skiers and make new friends on your holiday. Even pick up some helpful hints and advice too. This is also great for families too as kids can play together whilst parents sit back and relax.

For those who want to kick start a healthy lifestyle

What better way to start your health kick than an outdoor activity ski holiday? If you are thinking about getting fit then starting on holiday will make it more fun. Skiing can be hard work so you should start slow and only ski for a short time each day to prevent tiring yourself out.

The more exercise you do the more you will feel better about yourself and your health will start to improve straight away. Skiing is definitely a strenuous activity and it will really get your heart rate going. Who knows you might love it so much that skiing becomes your favourite dream break?

For nature lovers

A ski break means getting out there with nature and enjoying the beautiful mountainous landscape. When skiing the scenery is absolutely stunning, get to the top on the lifts and see the sights before you make your way down the run.

It’s not just the skiing at ski resorts that nature lovers will like. There are nature trails to take where you can look out for birds and other creature’s local to the area. You can even take guided tours of the natural areas around the ski resorts, just make sure you bring along your camera to capture the amazing memories. 

For active families

Family holidays can be difficult to choose and to organise. However, a break in a ski resort can be the perfect holiday for the whole family. With tailored holiday packages, everything can be organised for you, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy your time together.

Skiing and other outdoor activities are a favourite with active kids and parents too. Not only will you have fun together but you’ll learn together too. It keeps everyone entertained, and the children will sleep soundly with the combination of exercise and fresh mountain air. There are lots of things to do all together and you’ll make amazing memories too. 

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Here are some tips for your first ski break

Don’t buy new gear – borrow it instead

There’s no point in working out for expensive ski equipment if you don’t know how you will get on during your break. Borrowing will save you money until you decide if skiing is going to be a regular thing for you. Borrow from people you know or rent equipment at the resort.

Improve your fitness

You don’t want to go on a weeklong ski break only to find you are too tired and achy to continue after a couple of days. By improving your fitness before you go, you know you can keep up with the pace whilst away. With good fitness you will really make the most of your ski holiday.

Try out an indoor slope

Give skiing a try before you take your break. Although a dry slope is not the same a snow skiing, it will give you an idea of how to ski and whether you actually enjoy it. It’s easy and relatively cheap to try if there’s a dry slope near you.

Book with a ski school instructor

You don’t want a family member or friend to teach you, however much they say they can. Make sure you book yourself ski lessons to give yourself a great start on your break. Ski schools are especially equipped to deal with absolute beginners.

Stay in a chalet

In a mixed chalet, you will rub shoulders with skiers of all different abilities. If you are sociable you will pick up some tips and tricks about the local slopes. You’ll feel part of a group and it all adds to the experience of a fun and interesting ski break.

So, do you think a Ski holiday is for you?

Do you fit into any of these categories of people who might like a ski holiday? Are there any things that are making you think about taking a ski holiday or exploring the great outdoors? There are lots of reasons to try a ski break and it might be the best decision you ever made!

Do you enjoy skiing? What makes a ski holiday the right break for you? Do you have any tips for beginners taking their first ever ski holiday?

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  1. Oooo as much as I love these tips, I am in full summer mode right now, haha!

    1. I know me too but I do often find the year comes around so quickly and I aways wish I had booked things early on

      Laura x

  2. I went on a skiing holiday as a teenager and I absolutely loved it. I agree it's best to borrow clothes, That's what I did and it helped with the budget.

    1. It really does help with the budget a lot, especially if your not going to use ski clothes every year

      Laura x

  3. Never actually gone on a skiing holiday but it's always been something that's caught me eye but it just seems so expensive and I have no clue how to ski. I think these tips might come in helpful if I look into it properly!

    1. It's really not too hard to learn how to ski, why not give an indoor slope a try first and see what you think?

      Laura x

  4. Lots of useful tips here - thank you - I've not been skiing yet but it's something I'd like to try someday! :)

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