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If you keep up with current trends you may have already heard about the fantastic positive effects of minimalising our clutter and getting rid of anything we don't need or use while at the same time creating more space and a calmer living environment, I've written a post about how it can improve your life. The kitchen is a room that all of the family use and because of this can attract a lot of clutter and mess which adds to the chaos, especially at meals times. I am still in process of getting my kitchen to exactly how I want it but it's not far off and I thought I would a few tips on keeping your kitchen feel more spacious, organised and a place to enjoy good food or have a quiet moment rather than chaos.

 1. Firstly reduce what you have

It's so easy to hold onto things we don't use or accumulate gadgets that never see the light of day, so it's worth having a really good sort out as that alone could free up a lot of storage and surface space. You could also make a little bit of extra money buy popping unused kitchen gadgets on eBay or gumtree.

2. Everything should have a home

Making sure everything has a clear home within the kitchen is key to keeping the space clutter-free and organised and your able to clearly see what space you are working with and if there is anything else you can get rid of or re-arrange to create a better flow. Also getting everyone on board and letting them know where the "right" place is for each item will help keep you all feel more organised.

simple kitchen

3. Utilised storage space

Nearly all kitchens have storage cupboards but it's making those storage cupboards work efficiently, firstly it's a good idea every couple of months taking everything out and having a good sort through, also packing away items you only use on occasion so they don't take up valuable surface space is always a good idea.

4. Refresh your kitchen Units

Kitchens can become outdated and dark drab units can make the room feel smaller while lighter ones create a sense of space, but replacing a whole kitchen unit can be an expensive thing to do however there is an easier and cheaper way to brighten up your kitchen. Firstly a new coat of paint on the walls can do wonders for any room, another option is to replace the kitchen doors which can is a great way to refresh your units without a complete overhaul.

5. Bins and recycling

A lot of clutter comes down to not having the right place to dispose of it and as we are becoming more plastic conscious than ever, making sure we have the right bins and do our recycling is key. You should have a bin for general waste, a separate one for food waste and also ones for recycling paper and glass. Getting kids involved with recycling and disposing of waste is a really good idea and can also serve as an educational exercise. You can even have your bins hidden from view and Kitchen Warehouse have some very stylish pull out soft closing bins which are perfect for any minimalist inspired home.

As we live in an increasingly busy and manic world we are also becoming more aware that clutter can be a direct contributor towards stress so making an effort to have a more streamlined home, get rid of unnecessary things can have a real positive effect on our overall wellbeing.

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  1. I find the kitchen is the hardest place for me to declutter as I keep thinking: oh I might use this and that later - but in the reality it never happens.

    1. Yes kitchens attract so much clutter don't they?

      Laura x

  2. Replacing the kitchen doors instead of the whole kitchen is an excellent way to refresh your kitchen on a budget. And with so many colour and style options, you can completely change the vibe from traditional to contemporary. The best thing is that you don't even need to change all the doors, you can just replace one or two if you can match the style and save yourself a small fortune!


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