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It feels like everything is costing more and more and the idea of buying a nice outfit for summer is enough to cause me to break out in a sweat. I don't want to compromise on quality, style or ethics but having kids means I am like most people on a tight budget. There are however plenty of options that allow you to purchase those wanted threads but at an affordable price which means less compromise. Here are my top tips on being able to dress with style as half the price.

1. Charity Shop Finds

There is absolutely nothing wrong with shopping at charity shops in the run-up to the seasons changing, in fact it;s incredibly ethical way to purchase clothes as you can find lots of never worn or hardly worn clothes for a massively discounted price as well as stop them going to landfill and give them a new lease of life. I come across some amazing finds over the years from high street and designer brands that would otherwise be out of my price range and I, in fact, have a jacket from a charity shop I bought 15yrs ago that I still wear today!

2. Ebay

Anything you can think of you can find on Ebay! While prices fluctuate massively there is still a good chance of being able to pick up a bargain. Also many high street stores have outlet shops on Ebay, offering some of their goods for half the price. What I also love about Ebay is that it's a marketplace for you to sell your own unwanted goods, which helps declutter your home as well as put a little bit more money back in your pocket.

3. Depop

Unlike Ebay which you can literally find anything, Depop is more focus on fashion and style, mainly for the millennial types but offers up some great bargains and on-trend pieces as a massively reduced price, as well as style inspiration. Super easy to use and upload, again you can use this platform to recycle your own clothes instead of sending them to landfill which is always the best option (as well as making some extra money).

4. Clothes Swaps

Most cities and towns will host Clothe Swapping nights, I have been to one before and it's a great way to meet up with friends, have a fun social night and bring 3 pieces you no longer wear and leave with 3 nice pieces of clothing. This is a fun, simple and ethical way to pick up some quality clothes without making a dent on your wallet as you usually only a pay a few pounds, if that, to join in with the clothes swap.

5. Utilise flash sales

Nearly all online retailers host seasonal sales and flash sales and if there is one particular online store or brand you love then it's worth joining their mail list to be kept up to date on any specials and sales which can save you on average anywhere between 10-50%. I personally sign up to People Tree and Asos to be kept up to date - but don't join too many mail lists otherwise, your inbox will quickly be filled and can cause overwhelm. Also buying off-season is a great way to score a bargain although you do need to think ahead about trends and only make purchases you feel will last into the next season - as they say more is less so don't buy something just because it's reduced.

I bought this People Tree top in the Sale and trousers and shoes at TK Maxx for 50% the normal retail price

While I work hard to reduce the number of clothes I have and make choices based on if I really need something, saying that everything wears out and needs to be replaced as well as enjoying fashion and feeling good in what you wear. Our tastes change over the years and we should allow ourselves to embrace that as fundamentally clothes can make us feel good about ourselves and we should all have the opportunity to feel good.

Of course, if there is a designer bag or something that has really been catching your eye and you have been wanting for years then websites such as High Purses offer a huge range as a greatly reduced amount.

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  1. Wise advice here thank you - I'm a great believer in only buying something I really need (like a decent coat), to replace something else or in my colours that suit me. As I've got older I buy less and less things new - I'm an charity shopper and clothes swap attender - lots of options in Manchester luckily

  2. I love finding designer clothes in a charity shop. Happens more often than you'd think

  3. It's fab when you can find a great find in the charity shop!


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