Top tips on keeping your home pest free this summer


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I'm not sure about you but this change in weather and heading into the warmer months has meant that myself personally I've seen an increase in creepy crawlies, flies and spiders coming into our home and like most people I am not a fan. While we want to attract as much wildlife to our garden as possible and plant flowers purposely to encourage bees and birds, we don't want these things coming into our home especially if you have spent your life saving up for your dream property, you want to keep it free from any creepy crawlies or infestations so I thought I would share my top tips on keeping your home pest free this summer. 

1. My number one tip is always to seek professional help for any infestations that are cause for concern such as wasp nests or rodent issues as effective treatment will need to be professionally placed and can be very dangerous trying to do this yourself. While this will cost money this step is the easiest to do, as it gets two birds with one stone. Setting an appointment with exterminators like Joshua's Pest Control will let you know what parts of the house are at risk for infestation and deal with the problem swiftly.

2. Do seasonal checks

After a cold winter, it's worth having a good check externally and internally of your house, looking for any spaces where pest may be able to breed and run rampant. Cut your grass and clean up your garden space removing any excess wood and debris and check everything is well maintained and in good condition.


3. Seal any openings in windows and doors

When we moved into our home we didn't realise that our built-in kitchen had some holes behind it running outside with the plumbing, these holes were large enough to allow mice into our home an issue we have now dealt with after sealing up any holes from our kitchen to the garden. You can do this by checking every nook and cranny of the house and sealing it with caulk or other materials.

4. Fix wet areas or other places where pests can thrive

Pests can thrive in wet and dark places because these places can serve as their breeding ground and supply of water. Check your plumbing for leaks, especially in dark places, to avoid infestations from coming back. Be sure to check under your sink for leaks as it is one of their common breeding ground.

5. Prevent pests from coming back by maintaining cleanliness

The best and the most effective way to prevent infestation is to make sure that the house is always clean. Maintaining cleanliness is important not only for pest infestation prevention, but it can also help to alleviate a mood and spark creativity. Of course as I've said earlier in the post if you have a severe infestation the best thing to do is get a professional in to look at them such as as some pests need to be controlled with the use of chemicals or professional intervention.

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6. Organise your food, use sealed containers

One of the most common causes of an infestation is unorganised food storage of food both human and animal consumption. As long as there is a food source accessible to them, they will not leave your home. Use sealed containers to organise your food. Keep pet bowls clean and avoid putting your fruit on the table, as it attracts bugs.

7. Use natural DIY solutions

Natural DIY solutions are available to keep the pests at bay. Fresh rosemary can keep the mosquitoes away. Ants hate white vinegar and spiders are not fond of onions. Depending on the existing pest, you can use natural remedies to keep them away. Natural solutions are also available to get rid of infestations and can be used on a small scale.

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  1. So glad you found it useful

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  2. These are some really great tips as I always find pests can become an issue this time of the year! I really like the idea of natural solutions

    Jo Jo

    1. Hey Jo, so glad you found this post useful

      Laura x


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