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I recently wrote a post about how you don't need deep pockets to be able to buy ethical or designer goods, so I thought I would follow up with a few of my top tips for buying clothes online, especially as we head towards summer when people like to enjoy being outdoors, attending social events, weddings and celebrations and you may be on the hunt for something a little bit special.

We all know that online shopping is great for those who are short on time and struggle to get to the shops as well as those who like to look for deals as it's so easy to do price comparisons as well as search for discounts and buy second hand on sites like Ebay and Depop. Shopping online is easy and convenient, but it could be easier and more convenient if you know how to shop efficiently, especially if you're looking for an outfit you need in a hurry.

Here are four convenient tips to make your online shopping experience smooth sailing and hassle-free.

1. Shop At Stores With Greater Options

The reason you shop online isn't limited to being more comfortable and more cost-effective. A typical disadvantage of a high street store is the lack of stock or the lack of available choices. Online stores remedy that because online stores tend to have more stock available. In addition, there are also online clothing sites such as Asos which stock a huge selection of different brands, so instead of traipsing around 20 stores, you can do it all easily with the click of a finger.

One example of the service is Modvisor, which is similar to a boutique experience. All of your favourite fashion stores can be seen on one platform, giving you a variety of choices on the spot. This is a good idea because you're out of time and you want to choose from a lot of dresses online. You can even set the filter for a specific designer.

Also if you shop online then always search for coupons or discounts, it's an easy way to save money even if it's just free postage, but there are some fantastic deals out there like Nordstrom coupons.

2. Know Your Measurements Ahead

The one major difference with shopping online is, of course, you can't try the clothes on like you can in store so knowing your measurements ahead can really help reduce having to send things back due to not fitting properly which can be a waste of time and resources. 

In addition, there are a lot of online shopping platforms that are being more innovative and integrating new technology. One such example is the augmented reality shopping apps that let you try the dress in front of your camera. You can also try other products like shades and necklaces besides dresses and other apparels. If you need some guidance of how to get your measurements properly, shop your shape have a great online guide.

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3. Make Sure To Read The Return Policies Before Purchasing

This is also an important part of shopping online, especially on dresses. Even if you diligently tried to make the most out of online shopping tips, there are still chances that you will have a delivery disappointment. In this case, there is no other way to remedy than to return your goods. Maybe the colour is wrong or the quality is not up to scratch.

Knowing the return policy of a store before purchasing takes a lot of hassle in returning. Ideally, you should look for free and fast returns. Also, make sure that the policy allows the reason regarding why you're going to return your item.

4. Look For Free Delivery

The one thing that does annoy me is delivery costs, as you don't have any of that when shopping on the high street. Many online retailers now offer free delivery over a certain spend or if you sign up to their mailing list will often send free delivery codes every now and them. If you're in a rush it's also good to check a place offers same day or next day delivery - of course, you will need to pay extra for this, but it does mean getting your outfit sent as quickly as possible.


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