Why you should consider getting a Home Appliance Warranty


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When a person buys a home, there is a variety of things that they need to think about. These things typically include worrying about if they can afford it, getting the right mortgage, what needs fixing, planning the garden, and much more. However, one thing a new home buyer doesn't usually think about is a home appliance warranty and those of us that do think about it may wonder whether it's right for them, with much of this driven by the fact that they may not know much about it.

I personally have been burnt a few times, when appliances have given up, usually just after the standard warranty has finished. Such as when my washing machine gave up the ghost just after having my youngest and wow did the laundry pile up with a baby in the house, we had to call in a lot of favours from family and friends and getting it fixed was pretty stressful. A good starting point would be to seek out impartial and reliable advice on websites such as confused.com.

What Is A Home Appliance Warranty?

The biggest misconception is that many people might believe that a home warranty and home insurance are the same thing. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. While home insurance protects you financially in the case of damage to your home, a warranty focuses on fixing and replacing your major home appliances. Though many manufacturers offer a warranty for a period of time it's usually limited. On top of this, it seems that as soon as the manufacturer's warranty ends is when issues start developing with these products, mainly because they can be quite old by this point which is why getting home appliance warranty can be so useful. 

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How A Home Appliance Warranty Works

One of the main reasons many people assume that a home warranty and insurance are the same is because they can work in much the same manner. This is because you'll need to pay a premium every year that you want your appliances to be covered, which is almost identical to how home insurance works. This payment can vary considerably depending on your provider, as well as the individual policy that you're getting.

Once you keep paying your premium, you'll be able to contact your provider who'll then be able to send out a professional to fix your appliance. As a result, you'll only need to pay a nominal fee for the repair, which is much smaller compared to how much you might have paid without the warranty. Home warranty providers work with a considerable amount of professionals that specialize in repairs which can give you real peace of mind. 

Benefits Of A Home Warranty

The biggest benefit of a home warranty is that it offers you peace of mind. Should one of your appliances break, the majority of the cost of fixing or replacing it will be covered by your provider. For many, a home appliance warranty can be a wise investment for the majority of homeowners.

Having said all of that, there can be a significant amount of benefits to getting one. There are a number of high-quality home warranty providers such as TotalProtect Home Warranty that ensure it's affordable while still covering what you need. That being said, it's worth looking at what a home warranty is and how it may benefit you before you decide whether or not to purchase one.

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  1. Having a warranty like this really does same a lot of money in the long term

    Jackie x

  2. I hadn’t really thought about a home appliance warranty. It makes sense to have things covered in terms of fixing or replacing. Especially if you have high end ones.

  3. We haven't bought any appliances as the previous owners left theirs. But when we move or need to replace them, warranties for extra peace of mind will be top of the list.


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