5 fashion staples from the 90's I'm happy are making a comeback


Having been a teenager in the nineties means that of course its one of my fondest decades and holds some of my favorite memories growing up, the longest summers, friendships and discovering fashion and experimenting with style. We all know that trends come around again at some point so it's been exciting seeing some of my favorites from the nineties come back into style (although bum bags and scrunchies we could still do without). Here are 5 trends I am happy about making a comeback

Dungarees and Overalls

This one I am really happy about, while dungarees technically never really went out of style they have certainly seen a rise in popularity of late especially after a whole bunch of celebs have been spotted in them. Long or short, skinny or wide leg they are all on trend this summer, which is good news as they are not only stylish but comfy and practical too.

Denim Jacket

Double denim is definitely a thing as more and more people are pairing up the 90's style denim jacket with jeans. I remember having a denim biker style jacket in the nineties and so glad it's coming back, in fact over the past year I have picked up both a blue and black denim jacket and personally I think it's a good investment as just like jeans and a white tee it never really goes out of style.

Round glasses

Gone are the days of the classic wayfarer style and back in is the small round glasses, while the seventies embraced the oversized round frames we are starting to see the smaller ones, favorited by pop stars such as Britney Spears back in the day making a comeback

Mum Jeans and Athleisure

Finally, we really are starting to move away from the skinny jeans and are taking back the once uncool more relaxed fitted mum jeans low or high waist are both in stores now. Pairing these up with a relaxed tee and jacket makes for a great casual look this summer. Even if your not into the mum jean then the more relax atleisure trouser such as Chums does are also back in.

Sneakers and white socks

Yes, I was one of those who donned Airwalks and Vans with pulled up which socks, it may have been bad but felt so good and this slightly strange trend is certainly making a comeback although I'm not sure I can pull it off in my thirties but why not I say?

Other nineties trends that are on the rise are sliders, platform shoes, chain belts, band tees and flannel shirts to name a few which are all over Instagram at the moment. The great thing about trends coming back around is that there is always a slightly newer take on them, they are refreshed in a modern kind of way and I love that about fashion, always changing but also always the same. What is your favorite era and what have you seen come back in your lifetime?


  1. Ah I will be so happy if the world moves away from skinny jeans and those ghastly jegging things! About 1 in 500 people look OK in them!! Although your photos imply a resurgence of the dreaded DD (double denim) which is worrying - eek, Bryan Adams style!! ;-)

    1. I know what you mean and I am afraid to say that Double Denim is certainly making a comeback, how long it will stay is anyones guess

      Laura x

  2. I love the double denim look a lot. It is so my style.

    1. I have to say I do too, I'm a nineties kids thats for sure

      Laura x

  3. Love the 90's - one of the last few decades that was good. Excellent music, and original style!



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