Scandi and Minimalism - my favourite Interior Trends


Like many people, my interior tastes do change over time, as do the trends but currently I love a mixture of Minimalism and Scandi inspirations with a touch of Industrial (in the right settings). It's been a bit tricky to fully indulge in these with our current home as we always bought our current property as an investment to work and then sell and therefore the choices we have made when it's come to the design have been more neutral as it's not been for us but with view to sell. The one thing I am really looking forward too with our next house is being settled for longer and actually making it a home which would of course be reflected in our choices when it came to interior design.

Over the past year or so I have really worked on cutting back on clutter and getting rid of anything I don't need and the one thing I have learned during my minimalist challenge is that it takes time (especially when you have kids). If your truly looking to cut down, minimalise and declutter it does take time as you have to take stock of what is really important and what you can live without, as well as finding suitable places move them onto as you don't want to be sending loads of usable goods to landfill. The great thing is though once you get rid of the your unwanted goods not only will your interior space look and feel brighter you as a person will also feel lighter and more energised. In fact I have written a blog post before about the benefits of adopting a semi-minimalist lifestyle and what a postive effect it can have on your stress levels.

Really liked to simple interior combind with Scandi influence at Una St Ives where we stayed recently

Minimalism works really well with Scandinavian inspired interiors as both require clean lines and a less is more ethos. I also love the focus on natural materials such as wood and having grown up in a house that had exposed wooding flooring that is something I would love to have in our next property. What is great with combining the two is that you can still have a lot of fun with adding lots of pops of color, geometric shapes and prints without accumulating loads of clutter and still having a stylish, practical and usable space. Even though we are going to be moving at some point this year I have simplified our bedroom and bathroom and I am now looking to add some pops of colour as well as texture to make it feel more homely and approachable for buyers and any throws or bedding I purchase will be with the view of taking to the new house. I really like to selection of stylish linen and bedding from Julian Charles who asked me to share my interior style favorites.

With any trends and styles, I always remind myself to still be true to what I like and be flexible within in that as like I said peoples preferences can often change over time and this is with anything in life such as personal style and fashion. I also take inspiration from the places we travel and explore and like to bring some of the influences into my home even if they don't "fit" into a certain style. I also shot a little minimalist inspired bathroom tour if you are looking for a little inspiration do check it out

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